Got a case for the new phone and it’s pretty nice, founds apple’s official leather purple case 30$ off so I got it.

This whisteria purple is cute AF

I was not prepared for just how smol apple’s MagSafe charger is, it's like a smol smol baby boi... that also charges speedy apparently

I've spent 33 hours of actual hand on keyboard coding time rewriting a year long discord bot project from python into rust and swapping our horrible SQLite DB to Redis. a whole lot of work and a whole lot of learning about rust!

At some point windows 11 changed the paperclip emoji to be clippy. I love it.

Bunch of little gals to print today!

We have:

  • Elena the Duelest from Belksasar
  • Dahlia Stinger Tiefling also from Belksasar
  • Mummy Mage from Epic MIni's Sands of Destiny pack
  • Fiona the Bard from Epic Mini's Kingdom of Secrets pack
  • Efreeti Female Flame from Epic Mini's Burning Lands pack
  • Lady Roseheart from Epic Mini's Kingdom of Secrets pack

More pictures to come when the print is done in a few hours.
Also previews in next post.

New phone is officially on the way, should be here by Friday at the latest... I hope.

Anyone want me to scan anything specific from this old factory I live in or from my mother's rustic style gift shop?

Here's a picture of the app itself while enabled, there is an interesting side effect on gradients thought, makes the blurted previews on Mastodon look more "Chunky" like an older 8but gradient but I guess you're not gonna worry about that too hard if you only have 10% battery left

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Found an interesting sideloadable app today, It's simply called Pixel Filter and it lets you cover the screen in tiny repeating black pixels so if you use an OLED phone it can save battery even more then just normal dark mode.

CW: images contain 2D drawn eyes looking directly at viewer

I'm finally happy with my OBS overlay, took me a while even though it's a Nerd Or Die premade one because I'm way too lazy...

Gonna stream the most cyberpunk game I can think of tonight; Bloodborne :thinking_fire:

So a week or two ago I bought a of courses and just adding up all of the videos from the main course alone is a little over 29 hours of raw video.

Very much recommend and it's still up on humble, if you wanna make games go pick it up!

"Drawn" DnD map with dead horses and blood + Spoilers for Lost Mine of Phandelver D&D 5e starter kit 

Finished the first map in LMoP, the gobbo ambush

So I'm gonna be running a game introducing an entire party to and in general for their first time so I'm running Lost Mine of Phandelver.
At the start you need a horse and cart if you're doing the default plot hook but I didn't have any tokens on hand for one... so I used , a map making tool, to make one.

A tiny 8x8 map later and here it is.

I find it funny how well it actually works, not amazing but perfect for a quick and basic token.

My friend gifted me on steam and this is the first map I've made with it.
The software is actually super fun.
If anyone really wants to use the map there are other versions, VTTs and foundry version of the map here:

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