Something I'm kinda sad about is that requres a mac to develop for, I'd love to mess around with xcode and try making an iphone app, swift looks like a neat language compared to kotlin so not being able to mess around with xcode is a bummer. one day maybe, one day.

This is just a nerd problem, needing to spend over a grand just to be able to develop for other devices that cost around a grand is very annoying.

@BuyMyMojo sounds like a scam to be

-retreats grumbling into my anti apple cave-


@ossifog Yeah it kinda does lol.

I was using android for the past however many years now but with this phone falling apart I've decided to get the new iPhone for its lidar scanners and admittedly pretty dope camera setup.

Apple as a company are horrible and their products are made to be unrepairable, but they are made damn good which is super annoying.

I won't be abandoning windows... or linux any time soon either.

I may join you in the cave again one day!!

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