Well it's that time of year again, time to go install linux on my main machine again and use that for a few months :blobcat_aww::mastodon_oops:

I think the main thing I want to do in any game I could end up developing or being on the dev team is to put an easter egg of my dog in it, he will travel the globe no matter how old he is. :blobcat_aww:

Messing around with the AV1 codec again and it casually shattered my understanding of PSNR quality measurements. Up until now I thought like around 60-65 was the maximum for some reason but it casually hit 101 for a few frames. So theoretically if it means that it's just a super strict % measurement of quality it's 1% high quality than the source...

Can the other nerds of toot platform explain to me how PSNR works?

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I'm nearly done with the first C++ section of the course, pretty easy, gonna need to read up on the documentation a bunch as I work to get it all in my noggin but it's been fun. Time for a break now though, been at it for so long my brain is fried.

Pro tip: If you suck at a game just put on meme songs and it becomes easier


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Finised doing some cleanup of the "alpha" game I made during the gamedev.tv course I'm taking!

It's not much but I am very happy with how I'm learning :)


Long post , YouTube audio research 

I've spent all day doing some basic research on how YouTube compresses audio at different video resolutions.. I am annoyed to find out they seem to do the same encoding for 1080p as they do for 8K.
Not annoyed that they do it but annoyed I spent a whole day to find that out lmao :mastodon_oops:

Doing some other tests on different file formats not at least.

For anyone curious: YouTube encodes your audio so it is 90% the quality of lossless, you won'y notice it

DLSS and FSR are wild tehnologies!
I'm very excited for the future of this tech.


I was not expecting to stream for 6 whole hours. Have a couple of dumb highlights:


Self promotion of live stream 

Streaming Bloodborne over at twitch if you wanna come chat!


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