Got a case for the new phone and it’s pretty nice, founds apple’s official leather purple case 30$ off so I got it.

This whisteria purple is cute AF

I was not prepared for just how smol apple’s MagSafe charger is, it's like a smol smol baby boi... that also charges speedy apparently

I've spent 33 hours of actual hand on keyboard coding time rewriting a year long discord bot project from python into rust and swapping our horrible SQLite DB to Redis. a whole lot of work and a whole lot of learning about rust!

There is no war in Ba Sing Se. I finally have witnesed the meme first hand!

At some point windows 11 changed the paperclip emoji to be clippy. I love it.

I got bored today and made a random cli tool to use a Redis DB as a quick and easy file store.

Basically just push and clone whatever files you want, I don't really see a use for this but it's something I wanted to do for a bit so enjoy!

Stranger things season 3 spoilers. 

So in the scene where hopper confronts Eleven and Mike about their non stop makeout sesions I was completely expecting Hopper to do the classic dad/teacher thing of sitting on a chair backwards, very dissapointed lmao

This is just a nerd problem, needing to spend over a grand just to be able to develop for other devices that cost around a grand is very annoying.

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Something I'm kinda sad about is that requres a mac to develop for, I'd love to mess around with xcode and try making an iphone app, swift looks like a neat language compared to kotlin so not being able to mess around with xcode is a bummer. one day maybe, one day.

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Bunch of little gals to print today!

We have:

  • Elena the Duelest from Belksasar
  • Dahlia Stinger Tiefling also from Belksasar
  • Mummy Mage from Epic MIni's Sands of Destiny pack
  • Fiona the Bard from Epic Mini's Kingdom of Secrets pack
  • Efreeti Female Flame from Epic Mini's Burning Lands pack
  • Lady Roseheart from Epic Mini's Kingdom of Secrets pack

More pictures to come when the print is done in a few hours.
Also previews in next post.

Oh yeah I think I forgot to say here but I was talking to a friend about it. When I eventually move out to a city I could probably start repairing phones as a side job with my prior experience and the prices of parts and tools dropping a bunch. The tools required to swap batteries in iPhones without it getting fussy is like only 6$ now.

iPhones are still generally pretty painful to repair but some things like batteries and screens are getting easier thanks to third party tools! :blobcat_aww:

Manga and bed time while praying the phone comes today because I'm impatient :blobcat_aww: :blobcat_aww: :blobcat_aww:

New phone is officially on the way, should be here by Friday at the latest... I hope.

Anyone want me to scan anything specific from this old factory I live in or from my mother's rustic style gift shop?

I might be joining the gang again for the first time science I dropped out of high school... The video capabilities and 3D scanning with the lidar might have just won it over for me to use as my next phone.

The most surprising thing about this is that I work in the phone repair business and fucking DESPISE how apple treats the industry so it's hard for me to admit they have made very good phones and even harder for me to finally use one again. Wish me and my sold kidney luck!

OMFG they are adding the halo pelican to macrohard flight sim, I love that

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