Hi I’m Stephanie, a tabletop creative designer working in the board game industry for the last 8 years! You might recognise some of the games I’ve worked such as Middara, Aeons End 2E & Castles by the Sea.

Originally from I currently live in and keeps US working hours. So I’m a bit if a night owl! I love board game UI/UX and to discuss the rhythm or reason behind design decisions. Maybe someday I’ll do a graphic design AMA!

I love to chat about anything related to board games and I’m also a casual D&D player and video gamer.

This is my first time using mastodon so please forgive any faux pas I might make! Expect me to lurk around and occasionally chime in with some design related posts and projects I’m working on!


Hello! What are some of your favourite games?

And what are some of your favourite non-game things? 🙂

@StuffByBez Right now I’m obsessed with Bitoku by Devir, but some of my other favourites are Awaken Realms campaign games like Etherfield, LCGs like Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror from FFG and a love hate relationship with Barrage by Cranio!

I’m also a big RPG fan but I have a pile of releases I need to catch up with. So I have a board game & video game pile of shame! 😅

I’ve also taken to reading translated light novels published by Yen Press as a way to unwind after work.

@BoredGameDesigner I've not played any of those yet!

But I saw Bitoku on a table and it is super-gorgeous!

I like Mark Cooke's term 'pile of potential' rather than 'pile of shame'.


At some point, maybe the potential of the games exceeds our realistic potential game playing time and maybe we need to slow down our purchases. But no need to feel shame imo. :-)

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