I guess I should toot my own horn as an introduction 🦣
At Board Game Feast I'm all about celebrating the ability of board games and a good meal to bring people together at the table. Stay tuned for photos and recipes to level up your next game night. I also live stream on Twitch and co host the Omnigamers' Club Podcast with deep dives on your favorite board and video games.

FYI I'm traveling for the next couple of weeks so expect this feed to be more about food than games in the immediate future 😋

@Boardgamefeast I'm always happy to see more delicious food pics from you! Safe travels!

@Boardgamefeast must be a busy time of year for you, with all the holiday foods coming up.

@Kevmeeple I need to start thinking about this year's gingerbread creation 🤔

@singularity thanks 😄 I'm just inspired by how much thought goes into the world building a artistry of these games!

@Boardgamefeast Welcome, it's great to see you! I still have the sticker you gave me at SHUX—not the gingerbread cookie, though, that barely lasted a few hours. 😋

@NullSignalGames thanks! It's been a busy month since SHUX! But I'm excited to dive into Netrunner once I'm back from my trip.

@Boardgamefeast Oooh, I love the idea of Wingspan dice towers instead of gingerbread houses this year! (Tho to be fair we’re more like to do gingerbread castles with moats and gingerbread gingerbread gladiator colosseums than houses. :)

@dugsteen don't forget the gumball siege weapons! Here are my other board game gingerbread creations. Still deciding on this year

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