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I guess I should toot my own horn as an introduction 🦣
At Board Game Feast I'm all about celebrating the ability of board games and a good meal to bring people together at the table. Stay tuned for photos and recipes to level up your next game night. I also live stream on Twitch and co host the Omnigamers' Club Podcast with deep dives on your favorite board and video games.

Every good holiday season includes a descent into gingerbread chaos. So for this years feature I recreated Descent: Legends of the Dark. What better way to bring your ragtag group of adventures together than sharing this tasty treat.

Colonizers go home!
I've been playing a solo session of Spirit Island each evening this week and only just remembered each spirit also has passive abilities so finally won! Who's your favourite spirit to solo?


🚨 New Podcast 🎧
This episode we’re talking Vampire Survivors, the idle roguelike video game talking over the world…right after one more run. We discuss the nature of idle games, the place of addictive gameplay loops, gambling mechanics and reskins. How long have your survived?

Also discussed this episode:
📰Slay the Spire and Elden Ring board game campaigns, Steam Up
🎲My City
🎮Signalis, Harvestella, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Grim Dawn

Getting reacquainted with Verdant, the perfect game for weathering the Vancouver snow-storm 😌

First physical board game in about a month, blasting into a 4 player session of Twilight Inscription. I remain unconvinced that the complexity and length is justified, though the constituent sections have some fun ideas.

Digging through my old stuff back in Australia, I've been reminiscing on buying games as a teen for no reason other than they were cheap. What video/board game you found in the budget bin defied expectations?

First game night in several weeks but still extremely jetlagged so keeping it simple with an old favorite: 7 Wonders Duel!

Coming home from Holiday and trying to revive your dying plants may not be cozy but coming home to your very own copy of Verdant most certainly is! Stay tuned for details on a giveaway.

Found the remainder of my board game collection in Australia. Will see how many I can sneak into my suitcase home.

There hasn't been much game talk here while we're on holiday but had to grab a couple of souvenirs while re-exploring Sydney. Dropped by my old FLGS Good Game and picked up an Australian treat, Yum Cha by Quokka Games. And some new pokemans for the flight home.

A discard pile implies the existence of a datcard pile.

Unhealthy snacks 

Things I missed about Australia #7

We don't just have chicken flavored chips and chicken flavored salt but also chicken cheese twists 🍗

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So just one week till Pokemon, I'm looking forward to playing with my daughter, having skipped the last couple of generations, and perfect timing for our long flight. But what color is hot?

🚨 New podcast 🔊

The Omnigamers' Club is plotting a course to deep space in the 2018 board game 'Space Base' by John D Clair and Alderac

Mark is joined by our friend Denis Ryan filling my co-host seat while I'm patrolling the other side of the planet!

re: Food 

Things I missed from Australia #5

Iced coffee by the carton and whatever you call this straw hole that's bringing schoolyard flashbacks

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Things I missed about Australia #1

Cappuccinos being the default and not terrible like in Canada.

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