Next up on fantasy weapons is one of my short swords. A simple yet deadly stabbing weapon.

Another blade I was working on. I call it, the Arcane Razor.

You can check it out in more detail here

Howdy all. Besides being a table top gaming fan, I also do 3d work. I find I like to make 3d weapons quite a bit for practice. Wondering if there would be an interest here for such a thing? For use as references in games and what not?
Here's an example of stuff I have done in the recent past.
If you enjoy, please let me know and I will continue to post more. Maybe even take suggestions if popular enough.

How many content creators do we have for role playing games here? I haven't ran many games myself, but I like to create items, weapons, etc for games. I believe that things need to be balanced for the most part. For people who create things like this for role playing games, what are some rules of thumb you follow to try and make sure an item is balanced for players and isn't too over/under powered?

I will start with . Greetings all. I am a big fan of role playing games and almost any form of table top gaming. I am an artist and love creating art based on characters my friends and I play in our games.

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