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malcolm x never lived to see the government fall
but the state he opposed made him a stamp
maybe that's the best you can hope for if you never give up:
your enemies will teach your corpse to dance

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"detention center" makes it sound like it is an outsourced service for giving kindergartners time-outs.

It is a concentration camp, folks. Not an "internment camp" or any other propaganda euphemism for a pop-up incarceration site.

does George Will suck because he loves baseball or does baseball suck because George Will loves it

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Infoshop: **The Case for Abolition**

"Our belief in abolition is first and foremost philosophical. It grew from watching, experiencing, and opposing decades of reliance on concrete and steel cages as catch-all solutions to social problems. We want a society that centers freedom and justice instead of profit and punishment. The post The Case for Abolition appeared first…"

#anarchism #bot

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no-platforming fascists is an unequivocal good. this isn't hard.

did goofy's wife leave him out die or was Max born out of wedlock and is any of this covered in kingdom hearts?

positivity posting is just shit posting for people who wish they were the kind of people who meal prep

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Maybe it's because people are way more tolerant of faceless robots than they are of the queer POC who started disco

great new brand idea, toothpaste that loudly proclaims it is not afraid to die

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@ossifog okay except maybe vesk and skittermander in Starfinder

@ossifog no no. no no no. Kroot and Tau are awesome. there is no better alliance in space fantasy.

@ossifog nyu uh, The Tau and their buddies The Kroot are cool and different

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