positivity posting is just shit posting for people who wish they were the kind of people who meal prep

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Maybe it's because people are way more tolerant of faceless robots than they are of the queer POC who started disco

great new brand idea, toothpaste that loudly proclaims it is not afraid to die

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finished Skittershot. it was good. my party is now rolling up PCs for our first Starfinder AP
first PC is Doctor Love, an Android Mechanic who builds starships

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poetry with emoji think about it

it could be called emoetry
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Boost this toot and I will send you a link to the pop song lyrics video made in Windows Movie Maker that I believe best describes you

being friends with single straight-cis-het dudes is a real challenge

the BBQ you are hosting becomes their visual novel

they keep trying to select the 3 🎶 dialog options


finishing up paizo's Skittershot today, my hip ttrpg crew is using it to learn Starfinder

it's pretty fun, great characters

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the alternative is what we have right now, which is bullshit art being used as money laundering for rich people, or advertising visually polluting our cities, or people making only things with "market appeal", or just grinding out personal work in the time when they arent doing wage labor, so like, the government paying people to do art would obviously kick ass in comparison to this

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at the klan rally in dayton ohio a bunch of mennonites are counter protesting

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its weird how people think about philosophy as a canon you need to familiarize yourself completely with, when its really just any attempt to investigate a question in some kind of logical manner. if you have a question, someone has probably thought really hard about it

for example, i was becoming skeptical of the idea that all processes are the result of material actions but didnt really know how to articulate why, and then i read nishida's "inquiry into the good" and it was a done deal

running classic Pathfinder module The Midnight Mirror tonight for my gang

few modules out there that are this good

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Finished a new battlemap last night. This one's a Colosseum! Also took a trip to the actual colosseum in Rome today. Strange quirk of timing that. If you like it and want to see the variations: patreon.com/posts/colosseum-of

I write fiction and I play/GM Pathfinder & Starfinder. I'm trying to publish some stuff if you happen to be in the industry. I'm looking to talk about creating content for d&d and paizo RPGs. Thanks for letting me join the community!

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