Wouldn't it be nice to level up like you do in games. A big +1 and now your illustration stat has improved. Quantifiable progression would be nice in a world where even if I am improving, often it feels like I am not. No imposer syndrome if you can point to your character panel and say, "no, look, I am a level 58 artist spec'd into character design."

@BenGoldman isn't that what a birthday is? I mean sure you have the off levels that you only get like, class feature three day weekend. but some of them are pretty nice. I just his Drop in insurance rates when I hit 40 last month

@fadedsaint @BenGoldman Natural level up system, but it has no allocation of skill points and no way to increase it at a faster rate. Plus attributes start to decrease at higher levels, and start low. ):

@BenGoldman I would love to know how many points I have in "preparedness" vs. "making crap up on the spot".

@Drewrc I wasn't aware the perk that allowed people to know stuff was patched in at all yet xD

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