Been feeling existential dread at higher than the tolerable hum of it that I am used to. Just gotta power through it and keep on keeping on.

still working on the Paint the Roses cover... y'all have any thoughts on this look?

Just got make it a few more hours and then the weekend will be mine. Nothing but death will stop me from acquiring Saturday.

I will not apologize. 10 points to the house of whomever can identify what this is.


3D printing pieces for games is so much fun. Just need to wait for a few hours and then I have my bits for my games!

When I'm supposed to be doing typesetting, so I trick my boss into a conversation about the imminent threat to society posed by AI.

Wouldn't it be nice to level up like you do in games. A big +1 and now your illustration stat has improved. Quantifiable progression would be nice in a world where even if I am improving, often it feels like I am not. No imposer syndrome if you can point to your character panel and say, "no, look, I am a level 58 artist spec'd into character design."

y'all'd've been better off just usin' y'all the whole time, y'all.

Combat in d&d frustrates me. Coming from a board game background, the combat system plays out like a really poorly designed war game.

I feel like the answer could go one of two ways.

1) simplify it down more so that it resolves faster. Right now it is very slow without many really interesting choices for most classes, yet it lingers. (I actually think this is the right option)

2) Actually design an interesting combat system that puts more weight on tactics and less weight on d20s

I want generalized AI now, if only so I can make it DM. Being perma DM means I've got a backlog of characters I've built long enough to play a pick-up soft ball game. I want play them. πŸ˜­β€‹

rushing to get oceans ready for the next wave of play testing. If you want to play test (via print and play or tabletop simulator) a game about making a bunch of fish to survive in their environment, HMU

Working on the graphic design for cards in Oceans. dialing in on where form and function meet is a really difficult task, but I think I'm getting closer...

Ala influx of new lovelies here: Re-introduction!

I'm Ben, I'm a Graphic Designer/Game Designer. Right now my project is Paint the Roses: a cooperative deduction game set in the world of wonderland. If you want a or the Tabletop Simulator link, HMU.

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