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Some Chaos Blood Bowl stuff for since I'm actually here on Monday for once. XD All the fire is airbrushed, as will all fire be for the rest of my life if I can help it.

My contribution is some recently finished Jump Off Points for Chain of Command. Themed for North Africa, I can't wait to use them in a game!

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I've just read (again) Blame! and Biomega mangas by , so for : a grim Golem overseer proxy, made by repainting a Solonavi Shade. The Therian faction for the Sci-Fi game had a lot in common with Tsutomu Nihei cyberpunk universe.

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Welcome to the Tau Empire and “The Greater Good”.

Started painting Tau recently. Taking a break from Blood Angels Space Marines. 😆

#Warhammer #GamesWorkshop #Miniatures

A most enjoyable game of on Monday night! The rebels managed to just nip it in the end for the win, though Darth Vader turns out to be a MONSTER up close! Scary stuff... Fab game! Anyone else play?

It's , so here's the Scout Sniper Team I finished off this week! The Death Troopers have just arrived and I can't wait to get them finished! 😁

For my contribution, here's some of Hannibals veterans from my fledgling Carthaginian army!

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Happy #miniatureMonday everyone, here is a shooty cow chap i painted a few years ago.

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Its #MiniatureMonday again! Here is a Putrid blight king I painted. Happy mini painting friends.

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Thanks for the reminder @Archiviste_Dragontigre! Here's my contribution! Some goblins I've just finished off for a friend's classic Heroquest board game!

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a dozen sinister cult fanatics, made from the Frostgrave plastic Cultists box. Using these as fools tricked into serving the vampire countess in my undead Dragon Rampant army.

I support of @Archiviste_Dragontigre and the push to get more people involved with , here's a few of my Numidian Cavalry from a Carthaginian army I'm working on (Slowly... So. Very. Slowly.)

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I will soon move to another flat so I'm trying to get rid of stuff, even little things. So... pictures before the waste basket.
I sculpted this in the 90's, when pop culture was still an expensive niche and DIY was a better option. It's around 11cm/4 inches tall, made of self hardening modeling paste.
Let it go, let it go...

Finished another WW2 model, this time for my DAK force! A 1:56 Blitzkrieg Miniatures SdKfz 222 armoured car. I'm in the painting ZONE at the moment! Making the most of the painting mojo! 😁

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