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2023 movies listing 

This thread is going to contain a list of all of the movies that I’ve watched in 2023.

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For my first ever toot, it looks like the done thing is to make an

My name is Tony Miller & I am a board game designer, publisher, former podcaster, and constantly online personality. I’m known mostly for my purple hair, boisterous personality, and love of wrestling, board games, and conversation.

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Dog/Cat photo 

These two sleepy babies don’t agree on much but napping in the afternoon sunlight in my office is the best…

Kids say the damndest things 

Tonight Raph told me a story about “Prince Tony” who is the “bear to the throne” and his magic “Sword of Elders” that grants its wielder more powers the older they are…

Apparently my (his) 42nd year grants me (him) the power to call the purple dragon that resides in the sword and grants it its power into the world.

“Bear to the throne” is by far my favorite turn of phrase that I’ve heard in the last year & this sword seems rad.

My newsletter this week 

It's been a hectic week, with my soccer site meeting an untimely demise (thanks, Vox Media) and spinning up a new one. But I still found some time to write about a card game that's captivated my attention lately: No Thanks!

RIP Jay Briscoe 

Mark Briscoe pinning Jay Lethal while looking to the sky with his arms raised as their music hit really got me.

What a beautiful tribute to a fallen brother, husband, father, wrestler, man… 😭💜😭

Kaleidoscope in the Dark 

Been reading the Blades in the Dark RPG and watching Kaleidoscope on Netflix and it really has been highlighting how successful BitD is at replicating the heist genre’s tropes though flashbacks and loads representing “quantum equipment”. It’s really cool to be experiencing both at the same time so that they enhance each other.

For posterity - this amazing creator is not on the fediverse (as far as I know) but I wish he was.

"I build little people out of acorns and sticks, then photograph them in the wild with real animals.
Join me as I share my process of building and photographing.
Learn more and buy prints at"

#birds #wildlife #critters

First experience with the Massive-verse from Image 

Just started reading some comics again because Raph has started spending more time in comic book stores. Started with Radiant Black and Radiant Red & have so far read the first trade of each. I’m digging it at the moment & am interested in reading more. Anyone else familiar with it at all?

AEW Wish 

It’s not a major thing and I can’t justify it much story-wise, but I want to see Bandido and Hangman Page start a posse in AEW. They would be magical together!

2023 movies listing 

Hilda and the Mountain King was the 3rd movie of 2023. This was a heart-warming fairytale full of understanding and whimsy like every Hilda story that I have engaged with has been. I love this world and the way it frames conflicts and how it treats all sides as valid being who are capable of growth. Good film!

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2023 movies listing 

Second movie of 2023 was John Wick 3: Parabellum. This movie was WILD in the absolute best way. It felt like more of a theme park ride than a movie at times which wasn’t entirely a bad thing. Overall, I think I preferred the previous installments but I am also definitely watching everything that comes next.

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Past Birthday Trauma 

This came up when my son asked me about past birthdays and whether this one had been good. When I indicated that it was no where near the worst, he asked me to tell him about the worst… My 9 year old then apologized to me for something that he had no hand in and gave me a gigantic hug. That alone made this birthday one of the best ones…

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Past Birthday Trauma 

My worst birthday was by far my 16th. No one in my immediate family (dad/brothers) acknowledged that it for the entire day (my mom had left 5 years before). Two days later on the 17th, my dad decided to leave for work late so that he could say happy birthday (he usually left before my alarm then worked 2-3 jobs). He was confused when I started crying…

My brother’s birthday is Dec 17th and my dad had somehow fixated on 17… So he completely missed mine…

Selfie w/ eye contact 

So, this is what 42 looks like…

1. Private School
2. Legacy Ivy admission
3. Nepotism hire
4. Seed capital from family money
5. Club memberships
6. Personal assistant, nanny, ghostwriter
7. Journalists who ask “what’s your secret?” and uncritically publish the lame answer

Adam Cole Love 

Adam Cole being back is nothing but wonderful! One of the absolute most wonderful human beings and one of the most talented wrestlers ever inhabit that body and I am so happy to see him back on my tv.

Takeshita is amazing 

I look forward to watching every faction in AEW attempt to recruit Takeshita over the course of the next year. He is so freaking good!!!

Saudi Deal Ramifications 

I know that I’m only one person, but I will stop supporting any media that chooses to cover WWE should this Saudi deal be real. I stopped supporting WWE with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and will expand that to their enablers if they become wholly Saudi owned.

“No ethical consumption under capitalism” can’t be used as a legitimate defense for helping push propaganda for a tyrannical regime made of human rights violations. This isn’t even controversial to me…

Potential WWE sale to Saudi Arabia 

I knew that Vince coming back heralded horrible things, but a sale to Saudi Arabia who intend to take the company private wasn’t even on my bingo card for the hell that was possible. If this is true then I hope the whole company burns to the ground.

AEW Thoughts 

If Ibushi, Jay White, and Mercedes all come to AEW, not to mention the returns of Adam and Kyle, and maybe even Punk, plus ROH formally separating, things sure are looking up…

Between this and Vince basically ruining his company again just to spite the people who had started turning it around, maybe this is AEW’s actual break-out year…

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