Hi everybody, as I‘ve written in my introduction, I‘m quite addicted to backgammon. Hope you enjoy a few BG toots although it‘s using 2D6 for every single move :-)

Here‘s a position I‘m struggling to understand. I have to move 5 and 3 and to decide whether to move one of my checkers off the 16 point now or wait and play e.g. 10/2.

The question is: what‘s the most likely situation one move later?

What would you play?

I played 16/8, thinking this is a classic „pay me now or pay me later“ situation. If I play it save, white will improve his home board, and I will face an even worse decision. Turns out this was a BIG blunder. The software I‘m using to analyze my games (extreme gammon for the PC) tells me I should have played safe, and that I lost about 1/3 of a game because of this move…


I guess the reason is that (if I counted correctly), 25 of 36 different rolls will hit my checker (ie nearly always), and then white can cover his blot (single checker that I can hit when coming in) with 3 different numbers, so the overwhelmingly likely situation will be that I am hit and won‘t come in easily.

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