Hello tabletop!

My name is Lena, and I like to ! It's been over a year since I played a tabletop game, though.

This is also my first time trying out Mastodon. I hope to stick around!

@Astavie Hello! Which games have you played previously, and are you looking for more of the same, or do you want to sample something new?

@Territan Oh I think I was mistaken in my introduction! I haven't played tabletop rpgs in over a year, but I have played some board games recently.

I quite like Dominion! I play it with family once in a while. The Settlers of Catan is also fun.

Yeah I'd like to sample something new ^^

@Yoric Conlanging is the art of creating your own languages! The most well known of these are probably the Elvish languages from lord of the rings or Esperanto.

@Astavie Ah, cool :)

I spend too much time designing or learning new programming languages to also spend time designing languages for puny meatbags.

@Astavie Hi Lena, saw your Toot and saw you liked constructed languages. This is a very ignorant question, but I have always found it super intrigueing and could never ask someone: Do you yourself create languages? How 'deep' do you go if you do? Do you also creat new grammar structures? Sorry for nerding out.

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