Would you believe the ttrpg scene has exploded with solo play games the past couple of years?

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e3 2021

[Expo] TRAIT D'UNION, Ulric et Deloupy /// du 18 juin au 3 juillet | ESTAMPILLE,
"De l'icône à l'illustration, du dessin à l'estampe, l'exposition présente une vision d'ensemble des investigations graphiques des artistes DELOUPY et ULRIC, dans la bande-dessinée contemporaine."

Anyone have suggestions for unpainted miniatures we could use for treasure piles in Gloomhaven? I got some for my Dad last year for his birthday, and he has really enjoyed using them, but he wants more. However the vancouver-based company I got them from is no longer around and all the Etsy shops want $10 to ship $20 worth of minatures to Canada.

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Trying that cheap Fluo Pink paint I bought a week ago.
I wasn't expecting much of it. Especially for . Now: I think that sh*t does not even deserve to be called "paint"... I'll make it work but what a pain!

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Lunch break speed painting session with a coworker/friend who wants a nice Blood Bowl Undead team using Black Plague proxies.

Painting Verdigris - Aged Patina Bronze
"Today we’re going to be showing you guys the way we paint aged weathered bronze with blue-green patina"

Thanks. :)
They are all from the collection sold at newsagents. I painted them from march 2021 to a week ago and thought I could at least play them once... The unpainted Sequitor Prime is supposed to be some kind of (benevolent) ghost.

L'Agenda Geek
"Depuis 2017, l’Agenda Geek référence gratuitement les événements autour de la culture Geek en France et dans certains pays limitrophes."

"Game companies and digital sculptors will need to adapt to the emergence of mainstream 3D printing technology or encounter the inevitable fate of hard copy movies, video games, newspapers, and bookstores…"
3D Printing Games Workshop Models: Piracy or Not? Read More »

I've decided that I wanted a dressed in black.
So here I am, repainting a AoR Demon Hunter.
Because I can.

And it's done, in time for
Eternal Sequitor from first issue.
It works, it looks just like what I had in mind... but I'm not really satisfied with how the mini looks in the end.
That happens sometimes.

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I finally found something in my modelist toolbox that I can use as a good paint handle for SOME .
It cannot stand on its own on the workbench but I also found a plastic cap and a cardboard tube that can help with that.

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