Bearers of the Word: Let's Review: Perilous Tales (beta)
"perfect for that thing that came as part of a pack that you never thought you would use. You know the one. Yeah, that one."

One of the co-hosts in my ttrpg podcast and I were discussing a question from the audience along the lines of "how to make D&D monsters less stupid", in that, GMs tend to have problems with juggling all of their abilities and think tactically at the same time.

Of course, my first answer was "if so many D&D games have this problem, it's either a bug or a feature, and if you want some other result you should look to other games".

My next thought was that a GM needs some script or routine by which to run enemies. I even imagined a game in which the GM chooses a "fight script" rather than an enemy, and where you'll get "fight script manuals" rather than monster manuals 🤣

Well, this game kinda sounds like it does something interesting of this sort. Gotta give it a spin.

To me, there is definitely an "algorithmic/if this-then that... feel" to this game, especially regarding the villain's IA . And that works quite well I think.

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