I changed my mind, again. He now wears jeans and that looks better. Especially at tabletop distance. :)
I also managed to correct the nose shape.

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[Gus & Co] "Comment Donjons & Dragons décime l’anxiété sociale"
(Le #Jdr sur ordonnance et remboursé par la Sécu ?)

‘A safe haven’: how Dungeons & Dragons is slaying social anxiety
The world’s most successful role-playing game could provide a home amid the chaos for those struggling with post-lockdown angst

, note: even if it's the 3rd mini, use photo reference. I didn't and I think he looks more like a pig than a gorilla...

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... or not.
I really wanted to try a Two-Gun Ape style mini, but I don't think it will quite fit in a squad.

I'm not entirely satisfied with it but I think it works for me, as some kind of planet militia ape rather than a road/desert warrior.

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I don't think it is necessary to sculpt fur on those minis. But it doesn't take long to add texture to the skin parts by applying thick, sticky gesso, with a brush with somewhat hard bristles.
So I tried that. We'll see how it will turn out in the end. Probably not spectacular but it won't ruin the mini. Probably.

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This guy got rid of the horns of his helmet, then went to the dentist, then to the nose surgeon.
(I aimed for smaller teeth and a slightly bigger nose than on the previous one)

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This years themes are Sea, Soil and Structure.

List of this years games and submissions form are at our website microfictiongames.neocities.or

Can’t wait to see what yall do with it!

: second glued.
The worst part with the "glasses on, glasses off" method is I can't see $h*t past 15cm. So the liquid glue spilled out over my desk while I was working on the mini... :angry_steam:
I already hate that part anyway. GW "Easy to Build" really are an improvement over their usual multiparts. I should have known...

2) Mission was accomplished. One Medusa sentry gun alone took care of several waves of xenos. Unfortunately Rep 5 Pvt Proko did not make it.

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Color test for its gear, by painting both halves of its helmet different colors.
Verdict: I still can't decide. I'm not satisfied by either + depending on the ambient light, I prefer one or the other... 🤔
Also: don't do color tests when the light fades at the end of the day...

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Not an anymore!
It works at eye level. Harder to tell at tabletop distance due to bad eyesight and bad glasses. I think I will exagerate the nose a little on the following conversions.

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rhinoplasty part 2: sculpting a gorilla nose with white gesso, a needle and a brush.
It was an experiment... as I didn't want to get into the Green Stuff process for something that is just 2X2mm.
While I was at it, I also drilled the barrel of the gun.

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