And we have accessories!

The RX-93-v2 is definitely beefier than the RX-93 v.

But I’m sure there’s more beef somewhere…

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In time for Mermay: The Drunken Mermaid, a bar in the Brinewind setting created by Reaper Miniatures and Joseph C Wolf. It’s a rowdy place serving scurvy dogs, bawdy maidens, and those looking to drink anonymously among the crowds.

#mermaid #mermay #reaperminiatures #miniatures #miniaturepainting #paintingminiatures #paintingminis #painting #art #dndminiatures #dndart #paintslam22

Continuing my Magitech army of Stormcasts (inspired by Endless Legends) with these 3 Annihilators.

#mastoart #miniatures #warhammer #painting

#3dprinting is interesting, so much to learn. Twice the exact same model for my #5ParsecsFromHome and #ttrpg games, just different settings. It's really fiddly to find good values. But I wager once that's done it's going to be so much fun to print things. Now to learn how to best post process this PLA.

Quick painting of a Weird West shaman to be used in .
(maybe, one day. Not tonight apparently)

Creepy fantasy stuff, partial nudity, blood 

Yes I can: more glue, a piece of wood to support it and it can still be used.

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Hey guys! Uploaded another batch of minis for sale! Clearing out some shelf space for...well...more minis... so if you're looking for a cool centerpiece monster for your DnD game, check them out!
#dnd #dndminiatures #minipainting #pathfinder #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons

Among all the minis at the Open were these fantastically converted gothic horror Custodes. I absolutely loved the vibe, lots of bits from Drukhari and AOS at work here!

#warhammer #warhammer40k #miniatures #usOpenSeattle

A really fun but unexpected sight was some classic armies folks had brought. It's always great seeing older minis with a lot of love put into them at these kinds of events, where they can really stand out from the crowd.

#warhammer #warhammer40k #rogueTrader #miniatures #usOpenSeattle

I'm Paul, I paint miniatures and make scenery for wargames and TTRPG
Commissions available from late August, poss Sept 2022
Socials, pricing etc:

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings 10% discount from @PBWargames
with my affiliate code 'panda10'

#wargaming #ttrpg #wepaintminis #warhamfam #miniaturepainting

I still haven't finished to repaint the Michelangelo toy started in 2019...

And since that Leonardo looks like his fighting style was inspired by Danny Trejo rather than Miyamoto Musashi, I will have to replace his weapons with some proper katanas.

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Garage sales sunday. .
Spent a total a 2.10 € on those. The GW slayer was gifted by the friend my wife and I brought with us and who snatch (for 20€) a rather large collection of miniatures from the 80's and 90's right under my nose. As I'm currently training to see the glass half-full, let's just say that I'm happy to have that mini now.
Playmobil dead trees make for really cheap tabletop terrain. The TMNT I intend to repaint in black, white & red... one day.

Some shots from the whopping 1 game I was able to get in today. I was successful in pushing my opponent into their deployment zone and bullying them while free to hold objectives. Probably would have won, but had to call the game early due to a painting workshop I forgot was today.

Most importantly, the Sisters of Silence survived for once! Huzzah! 😁

#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #usOpenSeattle #miniatures #adeptusCustodes

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