The is successful as per the conditions stated 6 days ago: painted, varnished, the four are ready for

> > Gurzag Ironskull is done. Not as detailed as the others. Thanks to my old eyes I had to paint with a very bad posture so finishing the last two boyz has been, litteraly, a pain in the neck. So much that it gave me a headache. Really speeds up the process though.

Once again I'd like to invite everyone to use the tag #diceblog to help aggregate gaming blogs through this service! Let's cohere!

I thought I was done with him but that part on its shoulder pad... it's not working. Not enough contrast. Red it will be then. > Basha WIP.

Since I'm back to "The Hobby" I went to the FabLab to search the plastics bin for failed 3D prints parts for the . I know I could just print scenery. Call me "old school".

! One done, three more to go. Since I'm really slow when I can't decide beetween "tabletop grade" and "what a trully beautifully painted miniature grade", I will let time constraints decide for me.
So, "Read my words and bear witness to my vow: by this APO, I solemnly declare that I will have those painted, varnished, ready to play, on sunday nov. the 18th of this year".
About the "APO concept" : (french)

If you're blogging about gaming or tangential to gaming, please consider adding #diceblog to your announcements for new posts. Imagine being able to so simply aggregate like-minded blogs!

Very interesting. My own choice is split personality / split accounts. When my Archivist Dragontigre personality uses social media it's mostly about tabletop gaming, miniatures painting and geek/pop culture. And it tries to interact with relevant communities only. My other personity uses social media mostly for work and, more than often, hates them...

via @Halfjack

: Isakar the last unpainted wolfen of Yllia crouched in silence amongst the rest of the pack displayed on a shelf. Well maybe one day... (mini: Isakar the Watcher by Rackham, Confrontation range) More on my old blog:

Yep, it works I think. Those 2 in the middle only got mate varnish as basecoat, some layers of red and metallic paint over black. I would not be ashamed to play them as they are, while having the possibility to improve them.

travel set. Because I want those orruks to keep getting colors! I even brought them at work last week, to paint during lunch break.

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