2- What the niece wants... she gets. Here's the I drew for her, with colours by herself.
In the end, I can't say if that's Raph' with Donnie's colours or Donnie with Raph's saïs...
Oh, here's your tag :P

Little niece n°2 ask me to draw her a . As she was modelling when I arrived, I made it instead of drawing it.
So here it is: ugly head.
Won't probably even be baked, but the niece will be happy for at least two minutes.

"Use what you have" said the Voice of Reason to the tabletop gamer. "Yeah... Maybe not today." responded he.
So... I bought 3 sets of from , because I wanted something a little more for my through the :
• Abandoned Dwarven Hold Rooms
• Abandoned Dwarven Hold Corridors
• Abandoned Dwarven Mine Chambers
The art is great.
Abandoned Dwarven Hold & Mines | Heroic Maps:

3- And with the rest of their pals (a healer, a mage and a war ), here:
[Zarketypes/Année du Nain] Bande d'Archétypes nains

2- Close up pic' of the Dwarven Miner repaint, alongside a Dwarven Rotary Fuser, here:
"Terminés : mineur et mitrailleur nains"

The end for the repaint.
I don't know what sense to make of the blue thingies on its back but that's how I felt painting them. It may be a distant cousin of Godzilla, who knows?
Last pic with a Miner (because mines are were the crawler is going soon) repainted too (in 2010).
Both are .

2- For : a swarm of... 8 giant . Just finished.
Bought as second hand , already painted. So I just did a repaint of the bases and "poles" (?), from battlefield to dungeon style, plus a "face" repaint.
As far as I know, those are the giant bats from the original .
(so I do have 12 more within my own WHQ box)

Cave troll, giant bats, giant spider, giant worms... "Mate varnish as base" session to touch up those for future dungeon use.

"We hired the author of 'Black Hawk Down' and an illustrator from 'Archer' to adapt the Mueller report so you'll actually read it" | Insider
It feels like nobody read the Mueller report. That's a shame, because it's an important document, depicting possible crimes by a sitting US president.

Me: Finished my DnD character.

Wife: Hang on, are you telling me you can’t manage to match your socks in the morning but will order an obscure set of dice that requires you to fill in the numbers yourself just so the coordinate with your minis?

Me: yes.

Wife: bloody nerd.

... This plastic waited almost 14 years since it was put together with glue & Milliput.
Now it is based with mate varnish and two coats of warm grey.
And I honestly have no idea when I'll get the chance to get back to it ("it's complicated").

Previous step (november 2005): "En progrès: l'assemblage du troll"

en TAPISSERIE sur 80 mètres, en vidéo | La Boîte Verte
Une tapisserie épique relatant tous les épisodes de la série, dans le style de la tapisserie de Bayeux.

Remember in world building when we were gonna make certain media way bigger? And how we didn't do anything with that, really? This reminds me so much of that.

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