As long as buyers know exactly what they are buying...
The artist who designed them, the one who sculpted them, earn nothing from the sales, no matter who actually sells them.
Companies sitting on their "intellectual property" just prevent collectors to field the minis they like.
So, that's happening now. Untill something changes...
Interesting read:
The Ideology of Property - Books & ideas

Hey @dereisenhofer look at what I found at last !
(was searching for dungeon doors actually...)

minis I could paint for that month's challenge.

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On that Warcry Catacombs board (Games Workshop), some Lord Of The Rings and Confrontation AoR ruins (Games Workshop, Rackham) and Mage Knight Dungeons doors (Wizkids)...

"Models must pass an Agility or Strength test to jump the gap. Models that fail fall to their death deep below."
I don't think so.

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A little dungeon crawl in the mirrored city of using the rules from : "Dungeons & Death" with the .

F.P. melee combat is unforgiving. Every attack means a counter-attack.
If you're unlucky and monsters are not, even 1 ghoul and 1 skeleton can seriously lower your HP8, Armor3 big mean . 😅

With no real story, lots of risks and nothing to loot (except some XP) I have no motivation to continue.
But I'm glad I played.

Hi #warhamFam I need your help.

I'm looking for European (and by that I mean continental Europe) citadel /marauder second hand/ OOP model sellers or traders.

Nowadays 95% of stores/ collectors are from the UK, and Brexit + Royal Mail ransomware event have made impossible to buy from them anymore.

I'm not looking for extremely rare models, just cool goblins, runts, orcs, ogres... If you could boost this post would be great.

#PaintingMiniatures #oldhammer #middlehammer

Pour les enseignants, si vous avez besoin d'afficher des dés dans les documents bureautiques que vous préparez, vous pouvez utiliser les caractères typographiques #Unicode dédiés,
de U+2680 à U+2865 :
⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅

It's #WerewolfWednesday, and I have a story I really wanna share:

In 1691 an 80-something Livonian man named Old Thiess was called to court as a witness in a theft case. As he was sworn in, another witness laughed: "How can he swear a holy oath when everyone knows he is a werewolf?"

The judges immediately forgot about the thief and put Old Thiess on trial. He calmly admitted that yes, indeed he was a werewolf.

#folklore #werewolves

It's February already.
I should think about the next mini I'd like to paint for that month's challenge.
I do have quite a bit of choice.
The easy one would be to finish the Warrior of Danu shown here (bottom left corner):
How hard can that be? It's mostly a cape...

The Ideology of Property - Books & ideas
"Do individuals have absolute rights to the things they have labored on? It would seem to go without saying that the answer is “yes” – and yet, this principle can be called into question. A definition of private property requires us to be in agreement with each other – and therefore to share a set of common values."

Hey English speaking #TTRPG enthusiasts!

Some #french speaking #indiettrpg creators have started a #podcast in English to talk about the games published in English but created by french speaking people. #LeTTRPG

You want to learn about the glamorous, inventive french speaking indie scene? There is a lot already translated for you. Subscribe to #VoulezVousRoleplayAvecMoi

[Podcast] Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi? #1 : French-speaking historical figures in ttrpg

Comic about a mermaid committing cartoonish violence and a bit of blood 

As I mentioned in previous weeks, I'm posting my comic Merfolk Barbarian over on the other socials but because Mastodon has a limit of 4 images and each page is 6 images I'm just letting everyone here read ahead (and anyone else who stumbles upon the comic on my website. But people don't read websites anymore).


#Art #ArtistOnMastodon #Comic #Webcomic #Barbarian #mermaid #merfolk

What is the most glorious mistake you've seen at the gaming table lately?

Don't hide from or even wince at the chaos of glorious gaming. Celebrate it all.

All artist's proceeds go to Stop AAPI Hate


#TTRPG #DungeonsAndDragons

Building the City | Creating my first wargaming publication – Tales from The Moorlands talesfromthemoorlands.wordpres
"The City – project name, need to find something better – is a planned expansion for the original game that contain a bunch of random things that helps you to create fun scenarios in a city that was ruined by the event called Cataclysm. The whole idea is came from the challenge."

Arcmage est un jeu de cartes libre dans l'esprit de « Magic ». Des bénévoles ont entrepris la traduction des règles et des cartes de l'anglais vers le français, et te proposent de découvrir le jeu de la manière qui te convient : papoter, jouer, faire des retours, contribuer à la traduction lors du #contribatelier nantais de samedi prochain !

Toutes les infos sont ici : mobilizon.fr/events/b071a883-0

#jeu #contribution

Just discoverd the existence of this:

Arcmage – open source card game

The project on Mastodon.social: mastodon.social/@arcmage/

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