The “Expert” paint set. As a lad I didn’t think I was supposed to use it as I wasn’t an expert… nowadays these things are called shade sets. Much more fitting!
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To @PapaGlitch, @dereisenhofer
and whoever feels like doing this:

⏱ Paint at least ONE (more if you want to) SESSAIR miniature per MONTH, from your Pile Of Shame or whatever you call it.
(that's the original idea: finally painting minis we've had for years)

⚠️ Post pics and tag with... (?)

🗓 Proud group pic expected for Lá Bealtaine 2023 (Beltane, 1 May)

I'll start with that Kelt Musician as left in 2007.

1. La Fnac annonce la remise en vente du jeu;
2. Grégoire de Fournas reconnaît ne pas l’avoir ouvert et concède parler à tort et à travers;
3. Le Syndicat des commissaires « ne fait pas de politique ».
Merci à toutes et tous, les camarades, on a gagné cette bataille!

Flashback to one of my favourite maps I’ve ever made. I usually post the coloured version of this but I think there’s a retro charm about the black and white version too. #ttrpg #cartography #fantasyart

Got #turnip28 on the brain again, here’s a couple of my favourite minis I made last year - perhaps I’ll return to these in 2023?

Another recent #miniaturepainting / #kitbashing project for #turnip28 that doubles #darksouls inspired mini-diorama. I started with a boreal outrider knight mini, replaced his fancy sword with a cleaver carved from a chunk of plasticard, covered the body in moss and tufts, and added some casualties from perrys napoleonic line to the base.

Résultat des courses pour l'extrême-droite : 1) la Fnac remet le jeu en vente. 2) Grâce au buzz généré par l'affaire, "Antifa, le jeu" est épuisé et en réimpression.
Elle est pas belle, la vie ?

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This is your reminder that these pieces I made for the solo RPG GLIDE and more are free for you to use in your projects!

They are released under CC-BY 4.0 and you can find them in this free art library I'm cultivating:

Also, go play GLIDE if you like solo games and enjoy the vibe of these illustrations!

"Antifa : un jeu dangereux !"

Guillaume Meurice est allé interroger les créateurs et éditeurs d'"Antifa", le jeu qui fait vaciller la République."

Hi Mastodon!

After some thinking, I’ve decided that I don’t have the time to admin a mastodon instance as well as all of my other responsibilities. Life is just too busy!

Therefore, I’m looking to hand over ownership and admin of the instance to someone willing to put the time in.

This will also involve the financial side, which you’ll have to pay/crowdfund yourself.

If you’d like to take over, please drop me a dm. (1/2)

Been a bit quiet on the ol' social media recently, mostly because I've been busy video gaming, and also painting historicals which I don't talk about as much. But here are some Viking Berserkers I finished for Saga recently! #historical #wargaming

[numerama] "Vous devriez tester CoraQuest, le jeu de coopération familial inventé par une fille de 8 ans"

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