Fantasy Map Brushes - K.M. Alexander

"For a while, I’ve been sharing brush sets based on historical maps and named after the original artists or engravers who created them. I call this project . These sets are perfect..."

Take me down to geomorph city where the slime is green and the maps are pretty...

Come join us! I try to stream my cartography every Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4pm Eastern. Your company is always appreciated as we work on more maps!

Someone talked to me about this game today (yeah: actually TALKED, like "in person". I should go out more often. It's not that bad...)

Cave Evil: a game of brutal necro-demonic dungeon warfare | Boing Boing
"Imagine a game where Gary Gygax had been possessed by Abdul Alhazred, the fabled author of the Necronomicon. This makes more sense than to believe Cave Evil was crafted by a bunch of game geeks in their basement."

Emissions of Ultrafine Particles and Volatile Organic Compounds from Commercially Available Desktop Three-Dimensional Printers with Multiple Filaments

Here are a few sample pages from my book of #collage #abstractcomics #uncomics "When the Last Story is Told" (2015). I may have gone overboard with the image descriptions...

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. Scenario 5

The "Real" Vriprix would not negociate with "Les Compagnons du Chapeau Rose". Bad attitude. Fatal consequences.

Well, the "real real" Vriprix (or are they?) will be pleased to know that their rival is dead.

Painted my first mini this week at the local video game/board game bar 😍

Amazon Seems Determined to Completely Ruin the ComiXology Experience

Amazon has done everything it can to put its own unique spin on ComiXology's already winning system, and every single step has been an utter disaster.

Garage sales sunday. .
Spent 2€ more or less on little things that might be used for tabletop gaming.

5th game of . 4rd scenario, "The Afanc Pool"

Not a bad day for "Les Compagnons du Chapeau Rose".
It only took 2 turns to kill the Afanc. Eventhough "Chenu the Everliving" went Downed, the consequences were limited. The band gained a total of 17 Gold, a blood stained dagger, the "One Eyed King" unclean scroll, the "Ring of the Mighty" Relic as payment, and 10XP.

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