I've got three weeks to find a job before I lose my backup plan to foreclosure, and another month past that before I lose my home. I need gas money to get to job interviews. I'm eating the shipping on these bracelets to try and cover that. If you don't wear or these aren't your style, please boost. They're anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, all 7 inches, and all $15 to paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos

Here's my old "fully painted" gang: poussefigs.canalblog.com/archi
I actually did play a few games in the 2000's with those. And one or two solo games (against zombies!) years later.

From the Crypt of Miniatures Never Fully Painted, for , here comes a gang.
Original by .
sculpted by Michael Perry, based on sketches by John Blanche.

Because It's monday and I'm running out of time: is actually a Potbellied gremlin ( Dungeons, by#Wizkids) repaint, from some years ago.

Good advice on getting your RPG product out there. Art budget. Don’t go back and rewrite your draft before getting to the end. Don’t plan your Kickstarter before having a a document. Get somebody to do layout for you. Simple stuff.

I've just read (again) Blame! and Biomega mangas by , so for : a grim Golem overseer proxy, made by repainting a Solonavi Shade. The Therian faction for the Sci-Fi game had a lot in common with Tsutomu Nihei cyberpunk universe.

I've accessed files on my old Mac last night and found that pic of an "war party" I played in 2003. So, for , orcs again.

Tous ces gens qui vont sur les réseaux pour écrire "j'ai pas les mots". S'il ont pas les mots, ils ont rien à dire. S'ils ont rien à dire, ils pourraient pas juste la fermer? aRienÀdireQuIlFautFermerSaGueule

I' ve recently moved to a new flat, so for , the first fully painted mini I can dig out of the first cardbox I can open: kayl kartan, one of the mage. , early 2000's

"Envie d’imprimer votre propre matériel de jeu en 3D? Voici 9 sources bien pratiques" gusandco.net/2019/04/12/impres

Quand tu découvres qu'il existe une version latine du "Manuel des monstres" (et que si t'avais appris le latin là-dessus, tu aurais été moins nul, ah ça c'est sur !)

Garage sale / toys I found today. Looks like every time I go to a garage sale I come back with ugly but fun and "Made in China for McDonald's". Often and ninja turtles .

The voice actor for trooper number fourteen is definitely Sam Elliott.

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