Thanks for the reminder @Archiviste_Dragontigre! Here's my contribution! Some goblins I've just finished off for a friend's classic Heroquest board game!

You can very easily browse hashtags on the Fediverse by going to a large Mastodon instance and using the address (instance)/tags/(hashtag).

For example:

This page includes public posts from the Fediverse using that hashtag. You don't need to be logged in to view the page.

Click on a post date to see it enlarged with replies.

Different instances show different combinations of posts, depending on who people follow on that instance.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Fediverse

I drew robots. Because sometimes I just draw robots =D. I always have fun doing it

(2) .
This was made even before the Son Goku piece, out of modelling dough (flour & salt...).
I don't think it lasted more than a few years. It's the only pic I have left.

I will soon move to another flat so I'm trying to get rid of stuff, even little things. So... pictures before the waste basket.
I sculpted this in the 90's, when pop culture was still an expensive niche and DIY was a better option. It's around 11cm/4 inches tall, made of self hardening modeling paste.
Let it go, let it go...

For new-ish users to #Mastodon, especially on my instance: Welcome! Here is the best write-up on the how things work around Mastodon:

Also, lurking is fine, but the strength of #Mastodon is in the diversity and engagement. Reach out make new friends. Follow people; report bad users (I will take care of them) and I look forward to seeing your #boardgame pics.

Lastly, creating an #introduction post with hashtags of your interests will help with discovery!

Mme Dragontigre en train de scroller sur Instagram: "J'comprends pas comment elles ont le temps de faire des vidéos sur leur coiffure toutes ces filles... J'ai même pas l'temps de me laver les ch'veux."

Devinez où le groupe démarre ce scénario de Donj' ?

Of all the points raised in @voidspiral’s blogpost about social media the point I can relate to the most is this: “This culture of trading offenses is wrecking our social lives. … I understand the value of the collective finding and revealing the wrongs, evils, crimes, and errors of popular creators, but it's also on us to not blow those things out of proportion.” I see a lack of charitable reading everywhere. It’s like a skill that nobody learned.

I've always loved maps on fantasy books and videogames. They help a lot to understand the world they describe: they help you to know where are the places they talk about, but also they also give you a reference of the art style, technology development and civilization :d10:

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