part 6

Fighting demonic goats and zombie dogs. Found a book about Pigface. Gained 1 Skill.

Character : Damien Beauregard Life: 9, Sanity: 10, XP: 2. Food: 0

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There: from elf ranger to .
I liked it better dressed in black but it appears that he is also called "The Grey Monk", or "The Ash Monk".
Whatever. At tabletop distance the mini looks more like a warrior nun to me anyway.

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That... did not go well.
I know I could use those fancy high tech Citadel Contrast Paints. I just want to use what I have. Even if what I have are 10 years old semi-dried paints and bad brushes. :D

[édition] "Le milieu de l'#autoédition gagne son indépendance face à la toute-puissante édition traditionnelle"
(Où il est, entre autres, question de sociofinancement que le milieu du #jdr connait bien)

Featured Crafter: Schooner Labs


What you will find here are all manner of tabletop tracking tools. Crisis Protocol score/round trackers, Warhammer dice dashboards, Sorcery point dials, round trackers, health dials, potion trackers and more!

After the battle recap, stats on the Heroes list.
Names and square colors match the Horroclix bases.
DK = killed by range attack / HtHK = by close combat attack
HC = Horror Check
The added "Medcomp/Use Medcomp" Trait/Action is a house rule.

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Things were going rather well, despite the egg chamber covering a 4th of the board. Of course the Master was the last marker revealed but a predator firing squad was ready to greet it.
That was not as effective as planned.
After that, things went south quickly: Threat Level rose, several "From the Shadows" spawned drones and facehugger. Everybody died but the Leader.
Perilous Tales really does its job well as emulating B Movies.

... in the meantime, those will have to do with a less impressive but more colourful leader.
That allows to actually finish painting a mini started years ago.

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I wanted to play Vs on boards. With rules, great for .
Well... it can be done, but all the different distances/range of actions/effects do not easilly match the Hex grid.
It was an interesting game on a beautifull board nonetheless.

“Dialect is a game about an isolated community, their language, and what it means for that language to be lost”

Game sounds interesting.

With the right paint job, I'm pretty sure I could make that work.
I got that thing from a garage sale. No idea what it's supposed to be.
There's a Bandai trademark on it. It's probably from some anime/manga.
The five other are some (older?) version of Games Workshop's .

So the software that Games Workshop uses for designing the sculpts of their miniatures, I imagine, has this macro that estimates where you have to put fingers to apply pressure to glue the parts of the model properly aligned, and then automatically adds spikes in all those places. This must be automated, because so far they haven't missed a single spot.

2- That reminded me that I do have some  of the Sessairs Clan: Danu warriors and their respective spasm warriors version as well as Koren the Chosen One.

(they CHANGE. Because of the warp spasm. They look nothing like Simon Bisley's version of Slaine though...)

According to my old blog, I have those  since january 2007:

And I'm still not motivated to paint them... or not.

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