Only Hogarrr (Leader) & Papy (Medic+Camera) got away.
VP for completing some objectives: 8 (rank B: "A tale fit for the telling")

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"That stings! Let's stay clear of those things, collect has much samples from those rocks as we can and get out of here! Papy! Use the Ka-Me-Ra gem to get an image of that big one!"

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: first game of .
vs The .
"There is a great disturbance in the Force since that glowing rock fell from the sky..." said the shaman to the scouts. "Go and see what is going on there".

Threat markers.
No computer nor printer has been abused in the process of making those.
Re-use of Mage Knight Dungeon "Wandering Monsters" markers, with numbers painted upon with acrylic paint.

: Looks like I've everything I need, ready to play "The Rampaging Robots", if I use and one or two D&D and Star Wars .

: Possible candidates for "The Robot" and
"The Inventor".
- "Corpheus"
- MK "Technomancer"
- 3D not so well printed salvaged mini

: I need a Mad Scientist and a Lab Assistant. This (zombie?) surgeon and this old "Amotep gunner" might fill the job description.

So when it comes to layout for DIY stuff like s, and a control panel like approach seems to be the way to do it:


Has anyone done a package for this yet?

New . Looking at the content of my "WTF " boxes, searching for heroes & vilains for Perilous Tales.

Hey everybody, it's the first of the month again! That means it's time for another post! Before I post the themes, I'd like to apologize for vanishing after the first challenge. Life happened and social media took a back seat. I hope everybody has been staying safe and healthy.

Here are the themes for : determined, invasive, and iconoclast.

Remember that the themes are completely open to interpretation.

Rules and formatting:

1ere partie de SBH pour Sof et RV: "ch’est pô gentiiil!"¦ 2 Dés à 6 faces » Blog Archive

Tannhäuser: Revised Edition: User Interface Analysis
"this isn't a review of Tannhäuser the game, this is an analysis of Tannhäuser's user interface"

So... I bought 10 dice, for 10€... to play a game that is free to download.
I fell like something is not quite right here.
The game:

28 mm From Hell: PRESENTATEST- Episode 1- Périlous Tales.
Chaque épisode présentera donc un système de règle accompagné de quelques parties tests.
On commence donc ce premier épisode avec : Périlous Tales!

Finally painting again for the first time in months, and this dude is finally finished ^_^

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