3/ When these things do not charge you, you also shoot. So you might live longer.
PFC Chavez took out 5 xenos all by himself with his auto-5 gun.
Note: see what I've done to the battle board? It's obviously another room! It looks absolutely nothing like the previous one. Right?

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2/ When these things charge you, you shoot. You miss, you're probably dead.
RIP. Sgt Rodakos & Pvt Cedillo...

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campaign, Mission 6: C.A.T. Hunt (after a mission)
Second contact: an ambush by 6 xenos that charge immediately.
Well... it's late already. I've got to work tomorrow... so I'll save the fight for another day.
Note: I managed to improvise a battle board with what I had laying around in my studio/workspace/gaming room/dump/whatever...

I've designed a random system (using d6s) to generate some space for missions.
Then I tried to use Space Hulk V2 tiles to give it a "pleasant" look.
The result is not optimal (as the tiles jigsaw patterns do not always match the design), but good enough.
Variations on 6 rooms, 4 corridors, 1 boarding & 1 objective zone, 3 P.E.F.

(2) Bookstores:
- Aaapoum Bapoum, 14 rue Serpente, Paris 6e, www.aaapoumbapoum.com
- Album Comics, 67 Bd Saint-Germain, Paris 5e, www.album.fr/album-comics-2/
- Shakespeare & Company, 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, Paris 5e, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare_and_Company_(bookstore)
- Reelbooks, 9 Rue de Ferrare, Fontainebleau, youtu.be/VAIRSr-iHo0

The old "Il est Minuit..." comic, I found in a public bookcase located in Alix (Rhône) @ (WGS 84) 45.9117197, 4.6530818

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I've been on the road a lot these past weeks & fortunately managed to come back with a few books, mostly from parisian bookstores.

In the trash compactor you uncover a cyclotron missile. When you try to fire it, it emits a deafening klaxon.

Sketchdrop no.21 🌲🌲

Starting in ink right away without any underdrawing can seem intimidating, but it’s amazing how much it improves line confidence after a while! Even my pencil sketches are much better now thanks to it. Ink teaches to think first, then commit properly, both of which we usually half-ass with pencils.

#mastoart #creativetoots #drawing #art #sketch #sketchbook #ink #inktober

Un-sprueing commercial miniatures is... not fun.
This... This was a pain in the @$$.
That was expected on this first try, with supports completly generated by the software.

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From Thingiverse .stl file to Cura to actual 3D object...
First real attempt at a miniature.

A couple really cool old sculpts I found in my kitbash drawer from AGES ago. I think these are Reaper or Ral Partha minis. If you know them, gimme a shout! Love to know what they were from!

Various minis from Thingiverse. I've been working on my mini painting lately, and I think the lizardfolk is the best thing I've painted yet.

#inktober day 11: sour

.. completely out of ideas.. combined with only 20min...

Let me present you,
the lemon dinosaur o.O

#art #mastoart #krita

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