That's just what they needed:
"one of the most powerful items in existence to help bring that extra edge to your toughest of fights. The Holy Hand Grenade, created by the Big Man Himself, produces a spectacular explosion after a count of three guaranteed to wipe out an individual or a group of baddies with the power of goodness! "
Holy Hand Grenade / Trope Co - TV Tropes

log: I've finished (slightly) repainting that "Large Beast" ( ).
: just some fleshy, pink tones here & there on a rather dull grey mini + base. Gloss varnish for its mouths & eyes.
I'm still looking for the "most correct" but generic way to name that category of monsters. ?
I'm considering :

Et donc, je viens de tomber, tout à fait par hasard, sur le "#Kaamelott Soundboard", ( une page web totalement indispensable sur laquelle je scotche depuis de longues minutes. J'en suis à la moitié, j'y retourne. De rien… ;-)

4- And... it's done: 2 miniature fountains made by recycling 10ml e-liquid plastic vial (pic in first post of this thread)
Not too bad, I'd say, for quick & cheap from what was at hand. That will certainly do the job.
(I've also attached a pic of them next to a foutain from a Dungeons set (factory paint).
("Fickle foutains" for )

C'est doit être pour ça que dézinguer un dragon avec une chance sur 5, en risquant de perdre 3 PV (sur 5 max) si tu te loupes, et ben c'est chaud (en même temps c'est un dragon hein)...
Great Teacher Issaba - Probabilités (Leçon 04: Remix JUL) - YouTube

with ... & items cards as rooms.
Agent Frank's orders: kill the Big Bad Monster! He dies trying.
The Bureau sends Agent Hakka as back up. Almost dies too. Badly wounded, out of strategic options, he grabs the body of Agent Frank, so that the tech guyz could relive him, and gets the Frak! out of that cursed place...

Ouais. Bon. Donc... ...
j'ai lâché 2 euros là-dessus parce qu'il se trouve que j'étais déjà chez un buraliste.
Tout bien examiné, rien d'intéressant pour moi, à part, peut-être, le pinceau (et le poster pour protéger mon plan de travail quand je peins...)
Rien non plus même à profiter de l'offre de lancement avec le n°3 gratuit. C'est sûr: ça peut faire un peu de matos et de figs pour pas cher... si on en a l'utilité. Mais c'est pas mon cas.

2- The experience consisting in making miniature fountains by recycling 10ml e-liquid plastic vial is still a and it's not looking good...

Here's my new metahuman paranormal investigator, painted this week-end.
Saturday morning, I had no idea that I was going to dig up that mini. It was ready to paint, primed white since, the late 90's. I bought it second-hand for and never done anything with it.
Had I bought a mini since, that guy would still be in storage...

Yesterday I read (again...) "Hellboy Seed of Destruction", a few hours after my 2nd game of Standard Deck Dungeon... with .
And I thought that by changing the setting, not the rules, I could play in an uchronian universe with paranormal investigators, lovecraftian horrors and năzī zombies.
So, I'm still ...

stands for "Standard Deck Dungeons With Minis". As usual, I used the discovery of a new generic ruleset to paint that may be played. But I've never actually played a game of . Well, now I have.

I've been saying for years that the indie RPG Ganakagok was the right system for playing The Dark Crystal. Both are stories about a massive impending change, and how that looming event forces a small group of people onto an epic quest, while most of the world fights back against them and the oncoming change.

The new TV show only reinforces my belief in this.

So anyway, here is a variant deck I made for playing The Dark Crystal via Ganakagok:

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