Before the time of the Cyberspace and the rise of GreenStuff and Super Sculptey, before the Tutorials of YouTube, there was an age undreamed of. In the early 90's, the Dragontigre, sculpted a to save a few bucks.
@Deathrain It's a big troll, and you can't even see its face when it is on a table because it's looking at the floor! But I still like it.
I'm not even sure I played it at the time but it has been used in play in 2009:

Got very worked up this morning and have to vent. Show more

Burrows & Badgers, le jeu de baston avec des animaux anthropomorphes (et les figurines qui vont avec)

For , a forest boss. I painted all of the from the box in 2011. All but the icon bearer, still unfinished today...

"[Réflexion] Le droit d'auteur appliqué aux parties de JdR ? Où s'arrête la responsabilité de l'auteur, et où commence celle du meneur de jeu ?" (Quand tu supputes que ce billet est la conséquence directe de "l'affaire" Editions Sans Détour vs Chaosium…)

Today let's talk about the powers of the oracles, especially the random noun generator.

#vsca #diceblog

For , an epilogue for the recent of
The ( mini) thought he escaped the crypt under Le Mont Fichtrement Venteux. Boksi the wolf rider ( mini), last of the deserters, intends to stop him in the ruins of Amon Saoûle Grâv.

  Warrior Heroes Armies & Adventures.

end. leaves the crypt under the ruins of Amon Saoûle Grâv with some loot: a few bronze coins, three potions, a hard shirt, a Deflective Armor, a Battle Axe of Virtue, a Sword of Rage and a Staff of Healing (may help in recruiting a Caster when they get back to goblin territory).
I still have to see how each of them improved, using either 2HDC rules and/or Warrior Heroes Armies & Adventures (that were used for the first encounters in the campaign).

cont. Finally, the Big Bad (a REP5 Ghoul) meets !
Looses the Charge Into Melee test, gets shot by S'gokr, Ducks Back and Flee...
Well, that was quick. His three pals won't last much longer.

cont. Finally, treasure for ! Now back to the entrance/exit. Of course, the very next activation roll... generates a PEF! And the Dungeon Big Bad is still somewhere around...

cont. Allright... there nothing this way. returns toward the crypt entrance. The only room they ignored was (obvioulsy now...) the treasure room. No PEF generated untill there but in the room: 8 ghouls!

cont. Next room, another trap. The second triggered and disarmed by Shughug. Abonataï is even more pissed now.

cont. All PEF (Possible Enemy Force) met by turned out to be "Something is definitely out there" or now... a trap that target Abonataï. He's not hurt but really pissed.

We've been invited to play our first game of . A good semi-co-op zombie game where the players deal with the crisis that strike their colony while trying to figure out if one of them is a traitor.
No minis but good nonetheless.

Abonataï: "Shouldn't we drink that water? You know... magic fountain in mysterious dungeon... heals wounds... grants powers..."
Shughug: "Did you smell the breath of the ghouls who live here? That's some power they probably got from here..."

is now officially "2 Days Dungeon Crawl" as I have others things to do.
only managed to explore two more tiles. Last room was empty of opponents. Search for hidden stuff will have to wait. Again...

@tuturto @AesAthena @katwylder There are some really cool miniature sculpting videos out there.

I started sculpture with these miniature mentor videos:

Those by Aragorn Marks (former Rackham sculptor), or that by Jacques Alexandre Gillois, who is a great sculptor too.

Nowadays Aragorn's videos seem to be quite old looking but they are good to get the basics. Aragorn's process is quite complex...

I have more resources, better ask specifically what are you looking for.

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