Taking a break from work. Less screen time, more... I don't know yet. maybe.

Another   done (5/10)

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"The breadth of the ambition determines the intensity of the scrutiny. It has always been that way with art, it always will be that way, and it’s completely appropriate."
Pulp International - Prometheus

"Richard Halliwell, one of the leading creative visionaries at Games Workshop and the co-creator of the Warhammer fantasy battle game, has passed away."

Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Je viens de finir ça et de le publier...
"Bilan 2020 d'un Pousseur de figurines"

I 3D printed Miguel Zavala's beholder model. This was mostly a test of my ability (and my printer) to make good support and overhang decisions and you can see that I didn't quite get it. Good practice, and with some post-processing, it'll be a good model though!

I first painted the shoulderpad red, but it was not working at tabletop distance "gamer view". There was not enough blue showing.
So blue it is now. Closer to the Disney version.

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Villains for Perilous Tales:
& the 7 equally vampiric ... (4 should be enough to play a game. I don't have more anyway).
: old Mending Priestess and Dwarven Berserkers.

There! Cheap and quick scatter terrain made from trash.
Not glued to bases for modularity and easier storage.

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New ghosts!
Surprise gift from my wife.

Issue 4: 4 horse skull headed ghosts, or whathever they are called + paint + battlemap. Issue 6: another version of the (I already have those from the Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault box)

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Garbage in, treasure out?
A colleague who knows I like to collect rusty things gave me this.
I'm not sure of what it was, but I know it would work just fine as .
It doesn't even need paint (though I might enhance the rust with some orange). Just a base to prevent it from rolling.

The archer is done.
: first coat of mate varnish on the whole mini then a thin coat of gloss varnish on the skin and the bow.
All there's to do now it put it on its new base.

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