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I'm running Fist of the Ruby Phoenix, a Pathfinder 2 Adventure Path that runs for levels 11-20. It's centred around a global fighting tournament, and it really embraces the wild, fun stuff you can do in high level PF2 play. No version of the dragon game does high level better, IMO.

The soundtrack is high energy to match the adventures' vibes.

Also, whenever the Mortal Kombat theme plays, everyone gets a hero point!


Given the fighting tournament at the centre of the adventure, entrance music is also an important bit of my Fist of the Ruby Phoenix soundtrack.

Tino's Toughest are the PCs friendly rivals, a team you want the players to warm to and even root for, so so wanted their music to be upbeat, positive, and energetic.

Even outside of a game where a fighting tournament is central, pro wrestling themes are excellent choices for a theme attached to an NPC, because they're all made specifically to tell an audience *instantly* who's coming out. Really recognisable hooks, and simple tunes that communicate whether they're a good or bad character.

@AnthonyGOReilly Been completely out of wrestling since the late 90s, do you think there was a big change? I am usually good with recognizing and associating themes, but I have zero recollection of that being a thing back then.
But maybe I was too young, they did not have as much branding as now, or the German show subdued the OV audio a bit and the casters talked over it, always a possibility...

@Nogamara I think the early 00s had a lot of great themes composed by Jim Johnson - he really mastered the "instant recognition" effect with stuff like Stone Cole's iconic glass break and other hooks with a super recognisable riff that would pop the crowd within 3-5 notes.

And most themes since have followed that formula. CFO$'s stuff in the last decade have had some absolute bangers in that mould as well.

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