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Let's do an :

I'm middle-aged, / cis he/him, -ish , a non-corporate in living with my fiancé and cat. Our collection of is ridiculous.

I'm currently GMing , playing , and was recently playing . I've been a player for 40 years(!), and am a once and future pandemic hobbyist Twitch streamer. Video games with ghosts are a fave.

More hashtags:

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Exposed to Covid Monday night by a visiting friend who thought their symptoms weren’t test-worthy nor mention-worthy, so now I’m masking at home until the ten-day mark, and had to cancel my trip to a summit meeting I’ve been looking forward to. It’s on Zoom at least, but I wanted to see my colleagues in our office LGBTQ+ group in person again.

Now that we’re settled in our new place, I’m going to have to figure out what the good , gaming and other geek conventions in LA are. I only found out yesterday that LA Comic Con is next weekend.

Spoilers for “Relics of Power Redux,” #TorgEternity #TTRPGs 

* At the very end, I really expected my players to try the Comptroller despite the slim chance of success. Instead _three_ players stepped up to use the Martyr card available for most of the Act. Our septuagenarian Orrorshan monster hunting priest, who hated the Gaunt Man the most, got the honor.
* I made handouts of each section of the “Year Two Begins” narration and assigned them to players to read aloud. Everyone got really into it.

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Spoilers for “Relics of Power Redux,” #TorgEternity #TTRPGs 

Thread of other notes and fun moments:

* For an Orrorsh-focused Act, it felt more like a Dark Souls game than a creepy investigation. But my players said they felt like they were in a horror movie… just more action-horror. Having managed to ally with other agents present and having them be the ones picked off in the dark by the starving vampire helped to set that tone.
* Me: “Hang on, I gotta make a token for the Gaunt Man.” Players: 😱​

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We finished the “Relics of Power Redux” campaign for the other night! I was worried about how the last Act would go, but everyone really enjoyed it, and some said it was one of their favorites.

We’ve run this team of characters for 3 years and are putting them aside for a while, so I told everyone what I loved about their characters and my favorite accomplishments of theirs. We had a great talk about what was working well overall, and honestly I felt amazing afterwards.

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My phone is sometimes a poet: the sunset from a moving car.

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The Milwaukee airport has my favorite airport sign in the country, hands down.

Defederating from 

This is reminding me that I should have an alt account somewhere; It just takes me forever to pick a server.

I *had* an original account on another server back in 2018 but recently I’ve spotted that this and other servers defederated from it. And then that old server showed up on hashtag-fediblock recently with links to a couple threads and that was enough for me to delete that account instead of just letting it sit. It wasn’t a good fit anyway, so no big deal.

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Defederating from 

Doing a followers only toot to say the server I’m on,, is defederating from in a few days, due to m.s’s lack of ability to moderate after this most recent growth period (and from what I understand, before then too). If you’re on, we’re going to lose each other. If you have another account on another server we can reconnect on, let’s do!

More info & questions answered:

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What if Aretha Franklin went for a more respectful version of Screamin Jay Hawkins' look, and fronted Black Sabbath after Ozzy Osbourne left, and started singing anti colonial, feminist heavy metal, with the correct amount of cowbell? Enjoy Spirits Past by Vodoun:

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Trans Day of Remembrance, violence, abuse, suicide 

This , I would like to ask folks to expand what they see as violence. It's not just bigots with guns, but also the parents who disown their kids, and bullies who harass vulnerable at risk people.

When I've seen online trans friends vanish, it was often right when they were forced to come out to guardians who should have been protecting, sheltering, and loving them.

I've been incredibly blessed, but I've known so many less fortunate.

Getting in on Caturday while there’s still time. Here’s Pazuzu enjoying the fireplace at our old home.

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We have taken the city, tomorrow we shall... Erm I mean look at my BLÅHAJ isnt it cute teehee

"Are you sure you want to delete and re-draft this post? Favourites will be lost"

It's okay

I saw them

I know ☺️

I also know about that typo my opinionated phone introduced, and it can't stand

It didn’t even occur to me “toot” could be a fart reference. Only two things have ever come to mind when I read “toot”:

1. Any type of pachyderm making a joyful noise with their trunk. Toot!
2. Namor telling Doctor Doom “Don’t toot it!” and Doctor Doom saying “Oh I’m gonna!” and the horn saying “I’m a part of this conversation!”

I had to change my employee benefits this open enrollment period, and I wasn't expecting our new benefits explainer-bot tool to have been produced by JellyVision, but I could definitely see their handiwork in it.

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Multiplayer dungeon combat in book CYOA form. This is a bizarre idea I’d never heard of, and it looks both fascinating and horribly tedious.

food, a tale of being unfocused 

We ordered Indian food last night I thought I ordered saag paneer but I ordered paneer tikka masala accidentally. The order was right, I got it wrong.

So today for lunch, I had frozen meals in the freezer and I thought, "Ah hah! This one's saag paneer, I can nuke that and have some, despite myself." I popped it in the microwave and had to stir it halfway through and that's when I realized it was paneer tikka masala.

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