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tryin to get in a drawin' mood today after dealing with some legit bs from my school's financial aid office. my girl San! haven't drawn her in a long time! still my fave. 💗
#gw2 #guildwars2 #sylvari #art #mastoart #creativetoots #drawing #digitalart #portrait

quickie speed draw of my last Caithe piece. I mmm love branded Caithe with all m heart. the full-length video of this is available to Patrons!

#gw2 #sylvari #caithe #art #mastoart #videogames #speedpaint #creativetoots #timelapse

I've noticed a nice detail: In Jahai during the rift-events the rifts are visible and through them you can see good old' Kralkatorrik.

birdsite; Sonic film 

Ich habe mir immer vorgenommen, tolerant mit dem Musikgeschmack der Kinder umzugehen, aber Musik sollte es dann doch schon sein.

In April I started a weekly routine of posting news that came up during each week in the SEGA-community I co-lead. It's nice, actually. I get to get informed about my favourite (gaming-) company more and at the same time I can improve my writing skills (not only spelling but also phrasing). I knew before but, oh boi, now I want to know more about other franchises, games and company business.

So I can actually recommend those regular news-posts for fan-communities.

#Gw2 LW Season 4 Spoilers 

Of course, seen from a fan's perspective, the design of is not accurate to the original and has flaws, e. g. the missing gloves or different shoes.

But we are talking about Sonic in the real world. And that did Paramount very well.

I think that 's design is better than the design of the fan film. Why? Because it is designed and animated more realisticly. You at least look at Sonic and realise that he fits in the real world; you get the feeling that he'd stand in front of you. Plus I find the eyes a better solution. The original Sonic design is made for comic-like drawing styles and animation styles. But this would not work for CGI (just imagine sonic blinking with one eye in real life).

Name 10 games EXCEPT they published after 2000 which YOU (not the crowd) think are bad, with a reason.

📻 My reaction to a podcast episode almost fully dedicated to Pepper&Carrot by Digital Strips → Blog post:

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