Research on Instant Messaging 

Hi #fediverse! :boost_ok:

I want to identify and properly connect the factors relevant to the choice of users in instant #messenger services. So I initiated my first repository on @codeberg: An #openknowledge project summarising my research so far which is waiting for criticism and contributions! 😊


🔶 ... Examples for #IM in focus: #WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #XMPP #Matrix #Threema #Briar #Tox #Wire #Jami


re: Research on Instant Messaging 


So, is this something like a research other people can contribute to? I don't understand ^^"

re: Research on Instant Messaging 

@AlinaTheHedgehog Sorry, I somehow missed this in my notifications! Yes, that's what I intend it to be - I have no clue how this will work out in the end, but I'm curious whether doing it in this format might have some use! 😊

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