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(I've never been a fan of such posts but since since everyone else is doing it I think it's just fair)

So... yeah. Hi!
I'm a German girl who is interested in music, art and video games. I want to rebuild the German-speaking SEGA Community so these folks don't have to feel forced to join English groups.
My drawing style is focused on comic and a bit manga-ish and my fav. singer is NateWantsToBattle.
Things that are killing me: my Asperger autism, my laziness, my stubbornness.

"Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art" Andy Warhol ✍️ 🤩 🎨

Mastodon is NOT a retreat from twitter. Mastodon is an advance, a united front, AGAINST twitter. :birdsite:

Yo, another finished illustration. Have this mummy cat - sitting there - looking pretty. Had lots of fun with the brushes while painting this :)

#mastoArt #krita #digitalArt #cat #mummy #illustration #enbalmedCat

I really like the new art timeline from #mastalab. Great work from @tom79.

Welp, lots of people have joined recently, so I might make a new

Hi, I'm Alina - a non-professional hobby-artist who speaks German, English and a tiny bit French! I want to rebuild the German speaking SEGA Community and generally escape the real life into the internet in my free time. You will barely notice me because I don't toot (= post) or comment that often (but I still look what's going on at the table at least once a day!).
(I am mostly struggling with my autism btw)

Ah, Mastalab has new animation for "liking" and boosting. Nice

Spent the last few hours baking cookies. Saigon gingers, a whole forest of sugar cookie christmas trees, and I'm just now getting into the marmorkekse - chocolate vanilla swirls.

...I miiiiiight also have spent the last few hours nibbling on cookies.


I recently drew some requests for @crowsandprose and @tobi and I think the results came out quite well. Both pictures contain things I've never worked with before (like the crow in the left pic or some background details in the right one) and it was fun experimenting with what I got - considering I am not a professional.

The left one was drawn with and the right one with

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It certanly was not a bad decision of SEGA to let IDW make a new comic series. The artwork is very good and represents the typical Sonic-style and Ian Flynn is writing the story again, just as for the Archie series, so fans don't have to worry that it is bad (and oooooh boy, it's just an unending hype for the next issue when I read the new one). I also like the design of new characters and background characters because I reminds me of Forces.

In English lessons:
Teacher: "In English, the phrase 'Es ist nicht das Gelbe vom Ei' is not 'It's not the yellow from the egg'. Instead they say: 'It's not exactly the bee's knee'."

The whole class was just wondering why "the bee's knee".

I mean... why?! xD

We, at least, have the explanation the yellow of an egg is the egg's best part and that's what the phrase is meant to represent: That it's not really the best thing.


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Today is #ThankYouPatrons day and I want to thanks all my wonderful supporters who have made possible for me to keep working on my dream project: the fully free/libre, open-source and independent webcomic Pepper&Carrot. Thank you a million times for your support!

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