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(I've never been a fan of such posts but since since everyone else is doing it I think it's just fair)

So... yeah. Hi!
I'm a German girl who is interested in music, art and video games. I want to rebuild the German-speaking SEGA Community so these folks don't have to feel forced to join English groups.
My drawing style is focused on comic and a bit manga-ish and my fav. singer is NateWantsToBattle.
Things that are killing me: my Asperger autism, my laziness, my stubbornness.

Happy 60th anniversairy, !

Looking forward to more years full of creative content and entertainment ^^


I seriously don't get why people who create like to relate their FC to canon characters (shippings, family members etc.). I mean, even I did it until 4 years ago but now I am ashamed of myself for doing that.

Besides, it only gets in the way when doing role plays with those characters. Another thing I've noticed - particularly with some fan characters in my SEGA group - is that there is a high chance of getting the canon characters' personality wrong.

As of Friday, ProtonVPN was the 3rd most downloaded app in the App Store in #HongKong and usage spiked 1400%. We stand with the people of Hong Kong and will continue to defend their right to privacy and peaceful protest. Read more about this story:

Free Krita workshop, Friday 29 May 15h00 (Paris time) for the Libre Graphic Meeting 2020 and I'll be your host.
Theme: speedpainting and dragons.
More infos:
#LGM2020 #krita

I've had some time in nature to do some watercolor sketching. It's a very rare occasion. Here are the quick studies I did. #mastoArt #creativeToot #traditionalArt #watercolor

I still dunno much about this site, but I appreciate the faves/boosts of my silly Sonic pics so much ;u; Even if this site isn't too big on Sonic (yet)

By the way, I really like drawing Mobians (if you didn't notice), but don't always have ideas. So if anyone wants to DM me a pic of their sonic/anthro OC, I can't guarantee it but I might doodle them in my spare time 8D
Otherwise, I'll just appreciate them deeply in my heart <3
#doodle #oc

A comic panel of the episode I'm working on (part.2 of the battlefield story arc), grayscale step and work-in-progress.
#krita #peppercarrot #webcomic #oc #creativecommons

So I've seen this thing a lot and while I usually to never do those things, I wanted to get into drawing again.

But instead of letting other people suggest what to draw, I chose six FCs and drew them instead (also, it doesn't make sense to draw a fanart without being a fan).

Sketches + lineart:

Colours, shading, effects:

The other 5 FCs belong to members of my Amino (

Yosh! My collectable coin arrived! Top quality! - and it arrived sooner than the shipping information stated...

3, 4, 5 and 6 haven't got a release yet - there haven't even been official discussions or interviews about it. However, according to the Steam database, there is a listing of aka. but without any confirmation of or Steam...

Oh, don't mind me. I've just been playing at the UFO Catcher in and got a stuffed . 🎮

( knows how to make self-advertisement in their own ...)

My collection. I have a lot of games but many non-Sonic-SEGA-games have also gathered over the years...

I needed a test subject to experiment with custom brushes with GIMP, so I made this fan made drawing of Sonic 😀 (I also haven't drawn Sonic since I was a teen, oof...)
#Mastoart #CreativeToots #fanart #SonictheHedgehog #Sonic #GIMP #illustration #artwithopensource

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