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(I've never been a fan of such posts but since since everyone else is doing it I think it's just fair)

So... yeah. Hi!
I'm a German girl who is interested in music, art and video games. I want to rebuild the German-speaking SEGA Community so these folks don't have to feel forced to join English groups.
My drawing style is focused on comic and a bit manga-ish and my fav. singer is NateWantsToBattle.
Things that are killing me: my Asperger autism, my laziness, my stubbornness.

I think the in is one of the best things to keep players entertained while playing. 🏥📻

It's not just background music that isn't really paid attention to but rather a feature you keep thinking of because you know that it's a factor to make you laugh. ^^

The Internet service providers of Hong Kong condemned government threats to block social media services. We echo their call to keep the Internet open. Freedom of speech is a basic human right—and our service will ensure private and secure Internet access.

sorry for the lack of uploads! school started and I'm working on some stuff but I had some freetime today so I drew some sonics. #creativetoots #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #sonicfanart

News topics for this week (Part 2):
> theme song for "Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD" published
> 3rd "Project " stream: London Combat Revue, new gameplay and new designs shown; stage schedule for Tokyo Game Show revealed; merchandise and manga announced
> chief designer Takashi Iwade passes away due to illness
> first views on version of & Tokyo 2020
> "Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R" for SEGA AGES series

So, basically those are the topics (Part 1):
> "" by Amplitude Studios announced
> New "Close Encounters" announced (it has aliens)
> New 4 character Cherry Hunter introduced
> Classic 2D games for & Tokyo 2020 for
> " Remastered Collection" announced
> New III Trailer published (entitled "A Day in Shenmue")
> more details for Remake

When looking up news for the weekly news post in my SEGA-Community on Amino, I kind of understand how stressed journalists for newspapers might be...

I mean, I have to write about 12 topics for this week (7 topics and 5 non-Gamescom SEGA topics). Guess I may split the post into 3 parts then ... 📰

😍 I received this morning the third French Pepper&Carrot book printed by the publisher Glenat ! "L'Effet Papillon"
Review and infos →

#creativecommons by 4.0
Painted with #Krita
Text with #inkscape
made with #gnu/#Linux

normal profession: 1, 2, 3. that's 3 abilities on main hand.

elementalist: 1, 2, 3. that's 18 abilities on main hand.


This release:
• Stability and performance improvements
Previous release:
• Stability and performance improvements
Every single fucking release:
• Stability and performance improvements
Magic 8 ball predicts this will denote the next release:
• Stability and performance improvements

's lineup:

> "Catherine: Full Body" playable

> "Two Point Hospital" for consoles playable

> First looks at a not yet officially announced AAA-title

> Mini playable (with a HUGE functional Mega Drive controller like on E3!)


Im in Deventer! Here is an attempt of a group photo at #Krita sprint 2019

Have I ever posted my #GW2 fanart here?? I feel like I have but. If not, here it is now. It's.. OLD but I'm still proud of especially the first one. It took me two eternities to complete.

I think that classic miniature gaming consoles show us how far the hardware industry has developed.

I mean... NEVER could 42 titles have been pre-loaded on a normal Mega Drive in the old days! And then imagine that being the case with a Mega Drive Mini produced in the 90s.

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