I had forgotten this was a truth I learned 4 years ago. Gotta keep that in mind whenever I work on a print-and-play game again in the future...

If you're building a PnP game, remember that the fewer cuts required equates to a higher likelihood that people may try your game!

The first time playing is always rough, but it was my first time winning! I played white because I didn't realize the 5-6 player expansion had green in it...

I won with the largest army and a victory point development card!

Truckers Against Trafficking is holding a special live streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign on September 25, 26, and 27th, and I'm going to be a player! If you're able to donate, you can affect the story and characters in different ways! But even if you can't donate, you can watch the live stream on the TAT Facebook page (I know, Facebook, bleh, sorry).

Check out the fundraiser page for all the links and details:


These just arrived in the mail from Ederwood Academy, and wow, they're so cute and perfect!

I'm absolutely certain that I'm gonna lose these tiny shapes *constantly*, but I'm very excited to have them! 😄

Tiny Islands by David King (dr-d-king.itch.io/tiny-islands) is something truly special.

This game 100% deserves a physical tabletop version. All you'd need is a deck of cards, a whiteboard with a grid, and dry-erase markers, and it'd be perfect!

I added another 500 words, and I'm done with the rules... I guess the rest will have to be examples!

Check out the skate park areas, though! The GM builds the skate park with 4-9 of these!

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Oh man, my game is really coming along! I love the term "beefing it" for falling, and I'm leaning into as much sk8r lingo as I can think of. 😃

Nice nice nice nice NICE!

Look at all this! I think that's the first recorded instance of Zirka as a language! This is it now: zirka.ga/usage

Hoo, and check out that Nepal-ass flag. Nice one!

And of course, signed by King Alamantus Xi. Fuck yeah! That just might be my first use of "Alamantus"!

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Ah yes, "Thieves" is a race 😐

Also, the Doderia are definitely not just Zora from Zelda!

I do like the Sweentalls though! There was another notebook *somewhere* with drawings and even *more* information, but I just can't find it right now...

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Damn, Robbie, look at you go!

Nice job being sure to put that copyright 2005 on there—very classy. I guess that means this was high school and not jr. high!

I had this crazy idea to dig up the fantasy map I made in like 8th grade and spruce it up for a D&D world or something, but hop boy, I'm nervous to open this thing up...


I guess I'm just naturally ambitious, because this is kind of a lot already! But it's not so bad! I just might need to remove a floor so players get more than 30 seconds per floor to help rescue others, though. We'll see!

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My first proof came! It's too bad I ordered this before I changed the combat system, but it's good to know that I need to bump all the text down about half an inch from the top. I also need to darken the "scuffed" texture on the cover—you can't even tell it's there!

Maybe it'll also be easier to proofread in the format, because it can get marked up! Who knows? Either way, it's pretty cool to see what it's like in physical form! 😊

I made some today to try to pad out my fancy GUTS+ PDF with more valuable content (specifically more detailed examples), and they turned out pretty ok! Faces are extremely difficult for me, though, so I just shaded them out... haha

There's a modern character and a fantasy character! (The fantasy character is my old D&D pyromancer, Picky, converted into a GUTS+ one!)

Coming Soon:

A full, nicely formatted, and, dare I say, beautiful for the GUTS+ system! It's got all the stuff that's on the website, but in 2 columns and with nice, stylized pictures throughout!

I've worked hard getting it just right, and it's almost ready. When I get everything squared away, I'm planning on selling the PDF via Itch.io and also (hopefully) Drive Thru RPG for the print-on-demand option!

If you follow me here, you'll hear when it's ready!

I just finished my first game of ! I didn't lose, but I did get the lowest score above losing 😅

games are usually hard, but this one's still fun! I'm looking forward to playing with some more people!

The killing blow, destroying my ship and crew in my first game of Deep Space D-6... I did a pretty good job, but I got a "Solar Winds" card, which destroyed my shields and then I rolled 1 of 2 numbers that would cause all the current enemy ships to attack at once! 😭

It's pretty cool though! I'll have to play an easier mode next time, though. It's tough as nails!

I just got Palm Island, a game I backed on a bit ago, in the mail yesterday and played it for the first time last night! It's a really clever game that makes amazing use of a very small space—just 17 cards! Each card has 4 sides to utilize, and it takes a lot of strategy and memory of card order to get a good score. I got 23 points on my first game, which is pretty good for a first try!

Pictured is the whole set w/ 2 decks, cards for multiplayer and extra goals.

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