So I have an idea for a tabletop game, but I want to know if something like it already exists.

Here's the pitch:
You and your fellow players are software developers who must collaborate to finish a project on time while dealing with the everyday distractions of business requirements.

Cards generate the project & distractions, you have tokens you can spend to make progress, and various other things buff or nerf your energy use, and you have a limited number of turns to win.

(Obviously this game idea is pretty niche, which is very on brand for me, but it also would reflect my own experience as a developer)

Also, all of the players are developers who live in a magical fantasy world where it's easy to jump from task to task without losing time switching..... unless I make a rule where switching to a different task also costs an energy token. Hmm...


For art style, I imagine something similar to Dilbert or other super corporate illustrations. I don't know the specifics, but I feel like I remember 90's style office art where people had long, thin heads and large bodies and everything was sort of dreamlike? I wish I had more examples, but if you know of something that fits that description, I'd love to have that to reference!

@Alamantus there are a couple of computer games with similar premises, Software Inc coming to mind

@LogicalDash Judging by the video on Steam, this game would be a lot more abstract than that. Essentially it's just a collaborative resource management strategy game rather than actually building something. Software Inc looks kinda awesome though.

@Alamantus this old Android game Game Dev Story might be closer?

@LogicalDash Oh yeah, I have heard of that before too! It seems like this is something that's been explored in video game territory but maybe not tabletop yet. Which is great!

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