I rediscovered Neptune's Pride tonight with my friends. It's a slow-paced game of galactic conquest where travel between stars takes real-world hours, so you can plot a course for things & check a couple times per day! I had a blast playing it a while ago, and I have no idea why I stopped playing.


I bought a lifetime premium membership so I can make custom games, so at some point I'll probably make a game to play with anyone here who wants to try it out! Any interest?

@Alamantus huh, is that like a small-scale browser game then?


@floi Not sure about small scale... it's up to 16 players and long term—traveling between stars takes real-world hours and generating money in-game takes a 24-hour cycle. But it's completely browser-based and works pretty well in mobile browsers too! It's the kind of game you kinda only have to look at a couple times per day to make sure things are set on the right course.

@Alamantus sounds cool! Small-scale because I was thinking of the browser games I played as a teenager that had hundreds or even thousands of players. People used to set alarms to get attacks going in the middle of the night..

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