I'm reading another RPG rule book (Savage Worlds) and I'm questioning if I should change the rolling system for GUTS+ again... Currently it's a "divination-style" success interpretation for GMs when multiple dice are involved, but I'm wondering if changing the success scale to a 1–10 (or 12?) value with the middle numbers being a tenuous success and anything above the highest being bonus effects. That way, a 1 in a stat provides rare success but a 2 gives a better shot, etc.


But maybe that's too similar to some other system I don't know about? I don't know many other D6 systems and how they handle things... I just think it might be even easier to grasp how skill scales with each level and also help everyone know exactly whether they succeed or fail, rather than needing the GM to interpret split rolls like a 1 and a 6 together.

Any thoughts?

@Alamantus i haven't looked thru guts+ but if you want other d6 examples, you might wanna check out the Blades in the Dark SRD if you haven't. You roll at least one d6, you can get more depending on certain conditions, and you take the highest roll (sooometimes lowest if stakes are real high). 6 is success, 4-5 is success with complications, etc.

@Alamantus and the Pool system also lets you roll a certain amt of dice but you still are only looking for just one success.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure I've read any d6 systems that use a mixed result like you're saying. Probably keeps it simpler?

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