Damn, Robbie, look at you go!

Nice job being sure to put that copyright 2005 on there—very classy. I guess that means this was high school and not jr. high!


Ah yes, "Thieves" is a race 😐

Also, the Doderia are definitely not just Zora from Zelda!

I do like the Sweentalls though! There was another notebook *somewhere* with drawings and even *more* information, but I just can't find it right now...

Nice nice nice nice NICE!

Look at all this! I think that's the first recorded instance of Zirka as a language! This is it now: zirka.ga/usage

Hoo, and check out that Nepal-ass flag. Nice one!

And of course, signed by King Alamantus Xi. Fuck yeah! That just might be my first use of "Alamantus"!

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