So what do y’all think of DriveThruRPG versus as game distributors? I’ve had middling success (as a small game developer) on DTRPG, but recently created an account on itch, which seems more active, but heavily geared towards free games. Which do y’all prefer to get your games from?


@dapperbear I personally prefer, but I've mostly used it for video games. It does apparently generate sales, but all my stuff there is free, so I don't know from that front.

My upcoming release is going to be on *both* Itch and DTRPG because the more options you provide, the more people can potentially discover/buy it! Also, DTRPG offers print-on-demand, which is just generally cool.

tl;dr: why not both?

@Alamantus yeah, I’m putting up my stuff on both, too. I was just curious as to which was a stronger sales driver. Especially since, if I recall correctly, takes a smaller cut

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