Alright, friends, I'm doing for that potion-making mobile game I mentioned the other day:

What are some common (or uncommon) substances/materials used to create either in games/media or IRL?

These can be specific or general, and you get bonus points for providing what combinations stereotypically (or actually) create what type of effect.

Please this around, because I can use as many as I can get!

@Alamantus My favorite , from Microprose, had an alchemy subsystem that tried to be grounded in historical reality (a tiny bit). It should still be possible to find scans of the game's manual online, and the section on alchemy might interest you. Or PM me an email address, perhaps?

@Alamantus teeth of various animals are one of my go-to's for potions, with the effect based on the animal in some way.

@Alamantus water from a waterfall feels like an appropriate sort of mystic thing. Or from an underground, never-sees-the-sun cave.

@Alamantus You can look at some books of German/American Folk magic, such as The Long Lost Friend. Contains ingredients such as Blue Vitriol, the kneecap of a vulture, a splinter of bone from the skull of a criminal, and the ashes of an immolated frog. Grains and spirits come up a lot as well.

Oo, that's a super helpful resource, thanks! I'll look through those for sure :)

@Alamantus Looking to see if there's anything fun in The Black Pullet. So far I've seen the blood of a mole, the quill of a male goose, lodestone, virgin beeswax (directly from the hive)

@Alamantus in the Elementary episode I watched yesterday, a mycology professor used shrooms (I think Psilocybe azurescens) to make hallucinogetic tea. Don't know if that counts as a "potion" ^^

@daniel_bohrer I've definitely been thinking of a subset of potions in the game being literally just tea, so that's a helpful idea! :)

@Alamantus I like that 😄 "Productivity Potion", (black tea), or "Health Potion" (chamomille tea)

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