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For all the newbies that have rolled in, here's an :

I'm a hobby game developer, and I've been developing the GUTS+ RPG system over at

I'm running a campaign on that you can with (or join if there's openings) if you want:

I also play 5e, I love Adventure Zone and Critical Role, I mostly read fantasy and scifi, and I'm willing to help you with !

Also @Alamantus is my main!

Michael Prescott has a new mini adventure on his blog. “In every town, village, and hamlet are women who have seen beyond fear, who are strong enough to push back winter and bring new life to the lands. Their power comes from beneath an old, stone shrine, half-forgotten by the people of today. What secrets are known to those who dare pass through the mouth of spring?”

This Person Does Not Exist:

This is: A) a creepy glimpse into our AI driven future where every form of evidence can be faked and the world looks more and more like Philip K Dick's worst nightmares

and B) a great source of character portraits for PCs and NPCs in modern day RPGs. You're guaranteed to not accidentally use a person who turns out to be a minor celebrity or a notorious serial killer or something, because these people don't exist.

Campaign Idea: you are the members of the Dungeon Inspectors. You go into various tombs, keeps, and labyrinths, carefully avoiding spike traps, spinning blades, and bubbling pits of acid so that you can submit what the challenge rating of the facility is to the authorities.

You want to leave traps untriggered, because dangerous dungeons are worth more to high paying adventuring parties. You might even want to make them *more* dangerous. Make them too hard though, and no one will dare enter.

Remember this morning when I said I'd create a supplement today?

Fuggin diddit.

For all those times you flipped through the PHB saying, "Wait, how is there not a [farmer, doctor, etc] background in here?!"

I give you Working Stiffs, a background bundle:

I always want to start some kind of CCG that's simple but engaging, but I have no ideas for them! Maybe I'll make one about just...stuff. Like, office stuff, house stuff, food stuff, and each thing will fall into different categories to make other "main" things better. Like staples enhance the stapler.

I also have the problem that I don't know anything about CCGs though...

I'm looking for someone who can design a card face and card back for an upcoming project. Paid gig.

Reply if interested, boost if not.


Bee tee dubs, I've cross-posted LAUNCH on DriveThruRPG as well, mostly so that somebody looking in one spot doesn't have to wonder if they're seeing all my games.


Oh yeah! I totally forgot to mention here that I updated the GUTS+ character sheet the other day! Here's my update post about it:

I should make these updates RSS-friendly sometime...

How long does the recipient of Message have to respond? If they don't respond right away, can they respond later?

I just finally threw away all the stuff I made and used when I was trying to develop my board game a little while ago. It still stings that it didn't work out after so much work and so many iterations, but the game was fundamentally un-fun, so I've just got to move on!

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#TodayInSkyrim, I:

• cleared an entire fort of bandits, leaving only the old lady who cooks and cleans the place
• saw a mammoth nonchalantly destroy two wolves
• was delivered a letter from a jarl from I guess the best courier in the world who found me while I was sneaking
• brute-forced a puzzle
• was attacked by (and killed) a powerful (and disgraced according to a letter) magic user and his guards while trying to avoid a pack of wolves that was just trying to defend their territory


I sat down to give a little bit of thought to this and the only thing I could think of is, like... complicated Go Fish.

Want to see a different angle on classic fantasy roleplaying?

Check out Dungeon Grind: a single-session tabletop game about the un-glamorous work behind becoming a legendary adventurer!

The beta is available now at a discounted price, and getting it means a free upgrade to the final release when it comes along. Don't miss out!

Dang, I really wish there was a #Skyrim mod for Xbox One to re-clothe dead NPCs. There's one for PC, but not Xbox, and that would be the one last thing that would make my modded Skyrim experience as perfect as possible...

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