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My GUTS+ Core Rule Book PDF just got approved for DriveThru RPG as well, so if you like keeping your collection all together with that system, you can buy it from there instead!

If you missed it, the previous post in the thread also includes links to where to buy it from and a post about what makes it special!

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I just finished SKATER+ and submitted it to the 2019 jam! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope someone else has fun with it, too! :D

The game page with the "about" text:

Rate it for the jam:

It's free, but it allows you to pay if you really like it or something!

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For all the newbies that have rolled in, here's an :

I'm a hobby game developer, and I've been developing the GUTS+ RPG system over at

I'm running a campaign on that you can with (or join if there's openings) if you want:

I also play 5e, I love Adventure Zone and Critical Role, I mostly read fantasy and scifi, and I'm willing to help you with !

Also @Alamantus is my main!

I'm playing a one-shot tonight where everyone has to choose a class from 's Cauldron of Everything, so I'm playing a neutral evil Pact of the Chain warlock with a genie patron, a charlatan background, and an imp familiar who shapeshifts into a fat parrot...........

I'm gonna be Jafar from Disney's Aladdin, and my familiar is named Iago.

I've liked the idea of Card Clash for a long time and have wanted to make a physical release through TheGameCrafter or DriveThruCards or some such print-on-demand company. So I'm trying to work toward that as a goal so I can sell it physically and even get a copy for myself!

I really hope I don't lose interest before I'm able to finish...


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It's always so nice to have inspiration for game development 😄

I made a free print & play stylized advanced rock-paper-scissors card game in 2017 called Card Clash (, and I updated the rule book the other day to fix some typos and add more clarification. While I was fixing things up, I got super inspired to add some more game rules for more than 2 players and even work on adding new deck styles to go with the new rules!


On Sunday I played the first session of a new Savage Worlds campaign in a pulpy action setting in 1930's London, and it was probably the best first session of an RPG that I've ever played!

I'm playing a lucky tabloid reporter from New York who constantly encounters the supernatural who's been thrust into a team of supernatural beings from the UK. It's v fun.

Also, the Savage Worlds dice system is one of the most intuitive and exciting systems I've played so far, and I'm excited to play more!

But maybe that's too similar to some other system I don't know about? I don't know many other D6 systems and how they handle things... I just think it might be even easier to grasp how skill scales with each level and also help everyone know exactly whether they succeed or fail, rather than needing the GM to interpret split rolls like a 1 and a 6 together.

Any thoughts?

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I'm reading another RPG rule book (Savage Worlds) and I'm questioning if I should change the rolling system for GUTS+ again... Currently it's a "divination-style" success interpretation for GMs when multiple dice are involved, but I'm wondering if changing the success scale to a 1–10 (or 12?) value with the middle numbers being a tenuous success and anything above the highest being bonus effects. That way, a 1 in a stat provides rare success but a 2 gives a better shot, etc.

I rediscovered Neptune's Pride tonight with my friends. It's a slow-paced game of galactic conquest where travel between stars takes real-world hours, so you can plot a course for things & check a couple times per day! I had a blast playing it a while ago, and I have no idea why I stopped playing.

I bought a lifetime premium membership so I can make custom games, so at some point I'll probably make a game to play with anyone here who wants to try it out! Any interest?

I had forgotten this was a truth I learned 4 years ago. Gotta keep that in mind whenever I work on a print-and-play game again in the future...

If you're building a PnP game, remember that the fewer cuts required equates to a higher likelihood that people may try your game!

Fundraising: RPGs for layout software 

A number of us in the self-publishing indie RPG community have grown to like Affinity Publisher for layout.

However, not every artist can afford a copy.

So I (and 52 other RPG folks) have put together a bundle of our games to raise funds to buy Publisher licenses for low-income creators.

$20 gets you 67 games and a warm fuzzy feeling. Take a look!

Dark Souls is Not fun. And it's not supposed to be and that's fine. But I like playing games that Are fun. Anyway I'm glad I got my copy on a big sale.

The first time playing is always rough, but it was my first time winning! I played white because I didn't realize the 5-6 player expansion had green in it...

I won with the largest army and a victory point development card!

I finally got to play Tokaido, and I love it! It's such a pleasant little game about collecting experiences on a journey with pretty art and cool references of Japanese culture, but obviously it's a competitive game so you have to play strategically to reach the experiences you want to get!

I love it and want to play it again with role playing added for each stop in the game next time! But that requires me to play with my role-playing friends instead of my family lol.

Whew! Pandemic Hot Zone is hard! It's a minimized version of the original Pandemic so it goes a lot faster, but things get out of hand really fast! We played Hot Zone North America and only beat it once out of 3 times, and we didn't even play with the "Crisis" cards that make it harder! 😬

I'm playing 6 Nimmt, and it's super interesting! The rules are super simple, but the results of different outcomes of the choices you make are crazy!

I tested the first draft of Mall Mascot Madness, and it was really fun! I played a propeller hat mascot for a hat store who was very strong and wild, and I ended up losing very badly lol. I do need to find a way to balance certain elements to discourage some strategies that make the gameplay boring and maybe figure out a better way to balance stats, though.

I hope I'm able to figure things out before my mind loses interest!

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Ok, so the idea is Mall Mascot Mania! The inspiration was Peerless Food Fighters (, but designed to be more general and less potentially racist/sexist!

In Mall Mascot Mania, you take the role of a brand new store's mascot in your local shopping mall to help them bring in as many customers as possible and get them a good star rating! The winner is the store that can best manage the rush in the end when the hype overwhelms the mall!

I found a GM-less TTRPG that sparked outrageously strong inspiration for me to make a similar but expanded game. Unfortunately I found this inspiration riiiiight before going to bed, and now it's nearly 2am and my brain is buzzing with ideas. 😬😴

Anyway, I'll share my idea tomorrow after I hammer out a few more details!

The Make a Wish foundation would be quite a thing in , wouldn't it!

A D&D campaign where you start at Fine size (3-5" tall) in a teeny village where everyone strenuously avoids all experience. When your party inadvertently slays a monster, you all get to second level... and go up a size category. Now you're Diminutive (2x as tall, 8x as heavy), and are exiled from the village. You must travel the world for a cure that will shrink you back to normal, but every time you gain a level, you also double your dimensions.

It's A Small World After All.

I put together an scenario for you to play in semi- Felicity, and it sets up the scene pretty well using world info and memory!

I'll probably make more tweaks as I learn how to use it better, too!

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