So I've been running this tabletop RPG called Monster of the Week and I made this for my players in recognition of the monster they beat. The Rawhead was a good monster to start out with; gross, creepy, just the right amount of intelligence. Excited for what I have planned and what my players will do!

#motw #tabletop #monsteroftheweek

I'm currently working on a -like deck of cards designed for in role-playing games and storytelling. I have a first set of 22 cards sent to the printer for proofreading, and I'm getting ready a second set for a total of 67 cards.

Would someone be interested in proofreading/playtesting it?

Some keywords: , , .

On another note, my players in the game I'm running on just finished their first piece of the adventure, and I'll finally be able to include the two characters who've been waiting to join in!

The game is full right now, but if you want to read along, you can do that!

Alright, friends, I'm doing for that potion-making mobile game I mentioned the other day:

What are some common (or uncommon) substances/materials used to create either in games/media or IRL?

These can be specific or general, and you get bonus points for providing what combinations stereotypically (or actually) create what type of effect.

Please this around, because I can use as many as I can get!

The description they put together.
sorry there isn't the full text in the caption, but It doesn't fit.

I finally started working on this ambitious mobile web game I've had in my head for a few years. It's gonna be a potion-making game, but you have to go out into the real world and find ingredients. Unlike Pokémon Go, though, you just get a set map every 1km with new items appearing each 10 minutes.

Then you have to process and combine ingredients to figure out what kind of potions they'll make and sell them to an ever-changing market while managing your tools, equipment, and supplies!

Why Mouse Guard Handles Failure Better Than Any Other RPG

I’ve written about Mouse Guard’s qualities before. It’s one of my favorite systems, from its core dice mechanic to its setting and flavor. But some things are better appreciated with a bit of perspective, and ...

Why Mouse Guard Handles Failure Better Than Any Other RPG

Being an old school D&D player I don’t agree with the basic premise of people rolling for stuff and failing means awkward silence, frustration, or dumb rerolls. 1. Why are ask for a roll in the first place? Let them talk their way through the situation. This, too, is playing the game. 2. Why not let them try something else instead? Thinking about other solutions at the table is also playing the game. 3. If none of that works: why are you designing mandatory challenges that must be overcome?

So, what if I told you there's a RPG Kickstarter about mice and other small critters living hidden from our modern society and going on adventures. It's made by @jskellogg, who seems to.have already successfully kickstarted a different RPG. Check out the cute sample illustrations, too!

TIL There’s a Tumblr dedicated to control panels. This one is “The Office Of The Future - New York World’s Fair, 1964”

The Mother Earth campaign I'm running is based on one I ran for a while (that died) 4 years ago, and reading back through that one, my NPC character work and environment design was waaay better back then than it is now lol.

Gotta grab some inspiration from that moving forward...

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is pretty awesome. Sure, trying to use their mobile interface is basically a coin flip for whether it'll actually post your message or not, but it's only getting better as far as I've seen!

My campaign has started with 2 players, and you can read along with the adventure if you'd like! You can even join in and I can slot you into the story when it's right if you really want, too!

Check it out here:

Goooooood morning lovely !

Did you miss the news yesterday? The Kickstarter has launched!

This is the game where you can be a mouse (or other small critter of your choice) and go on adventures under the noses of oblivious humans.

If any of your followers might be into that, gimme a boost! Get the word out! Here's the link:

Dang, my iPhone really hates how I write! Why does it always correct "hoo" as in "hoo boy" to "hop". Super annoying

Hop boy, I don't know if my connection is bad, if iOS home page web apps are just terrible, or if there's something wrong with 's mobile interface, but it is reeeaaally testing my patience today.

Alright, friends, last call to join before we start the campaign on !

If you can't join now, don't worry, there's still space for you to hop in later if you want

(Though I haven't heard from one of the players in a few days, so maybe we won't be starting just yet; guess I'll see!)

I gripped my sword, streaks of sweat chilling my lower back and aching, trembling arms. The barbarian proclaimed the Eldritch Beast dead, but she'd been wrong prior so I waited until verification from the Cleric was uttered. I promptly crumpled to me knees, sword clattering loudly on the stone floor.

When I had declared, over breakfast, that today would be an adventure, I had anticipated a long day of answering angry e-mails. NOT THIS.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

I've got 2 people ready to play my campaign on , but there's still space if you want to join at the beginning of the story! We're gonna start at around the end of today/beginning of tomorrow.

There's also space to join in later if you don't see this in time, or you can just read along if you prefer:

Once you click the "Join" button, it'll show the rules & some helpful tips for getting started.

Hope to see you there!

A story about ruins isn’t about the people who once lived there. It’s about your idea of who they were. It’s about not knowing, about ambiguity.

And yeah, I think there’s an inescapable trace of colonialism baked into it that you have to address somehow, because you’re extrapolating from your life onto what theirs must have been.

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