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For all the newbies that have rolled in, here's an :

I'm a hobby game developer, and I've been developing the GUTS+ RPG system over at

I'm running a campaign on that you can with (or join if there's openings) if you want:

I also play 5e, I love Adventure Zone and Critical Role, I mostly read fantasy and scifi, and I'm willing to help you with !

Also @Alamantus is my main!

So we're entering a new area in our GUTS+ campaign on and there are 2 player slots open. If anyone is interested in playing either temporarily or permanently, we'd love to have you hop in with a new character!

If you have any questions about the system or the campaign or anything, I'd be happy to answer them, too!

I just uploaded new features and bug fixes for #Lexiconga (! There's custom alphabetical order, custom CSS, and more!

Check out the release notes for all the details:

(Hey, custom CSS means you can use #conscript fonts in your dictionary! Check this blog post to learn how to set it up:

#conlanging #glossopoeia #constructedLangauge #dictionaries #tools

So we're entering a new area in our GUTS+ campaign on and there are 2 player slots open. If anyone is interested in playing either temporarily or permanently, we'd love to have you hop in with a new character!

If you have any questions about the system or the campaign or anything, I'd be happy to answer them, too!

I finally updated the GUTS+ home page to actually give a summary of what it *is* so you don't have to read the rules to find out. That's a long time coming 😬


I guess I'm just naturally ambitious, because this is kind of a lot already! But it's not so bad! I just might need to remove a floor so players get more than 30 seconds per floor to help rescue others, though. We'll see!

I think I'm gonna attempt to make a collection of 1-page adventures for GUTS+ just to see if I can! I want to generate some content so people can try out the system without having to sink the time required to build their own adventures.

Woooooo!!!!! We beat a red dragon!!!!

We took a good 10 hours today to play a one-off, and in the final battle, my prefab level 15 bard went down and got revived like 6 times. After the dragon went down, I was able to save the day and cast Raise Dead with an extra fancy diamond to fully restore an NPC general who had come to help us!

I love this bard character, though. He's a one-man band with drums on the back, a harp in front, and a nose flute! Plus long green hair and tattoos all over.

I just added two short stories by Brandon Sanderson to the Little Library in two formats! I also fixed the upload size, which probably prevented people from uploading *anything* previously. Now the 5MB limit should actually work instead of only allowing <1MB files (oops lol)!

Check out the books I added and maybe add your own if you'd like to share!

#littleLibrary #eBooks #sharing #fun

The rewrite of #Lexiconga is now live!

If you need an easy way to build a dictionary for your #conlang or you want to start quicly putting together words you want to keep track of, then check out Lexiconga! It's a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use dictionary builder for #conlanging!

If you've been storing your #constructedLangauge in a spreadsheet, you owe it to yourself to import it into Lexiconga for a much nicer #glossopoeia experience with searching and sharing capabilities!

@redlila @patmax17 In case you're interested, I did end up changing the GUTS+ system and its character sheet based on our little discussion! Now Injuries are much more serious and they're marked with a single line for one damage and a line through the first for disabled on each body part, and I added more space for status conditions. I also made inventory a little simpler and reorganized the stuff on the sheet to reflect it! :)

I'm pulling the trigger on some big GUTS+ changes that will streamline inventory and health management quite a bit! I'll hopefully have the updates up with a post either today or tomorrow (Monday at the latest). It comes with a bunch of changes to the character sheet that will hopefully make it feel like a "simplified" experience as it's intended to!

Yeesh, it's been a few months since I used Scribus, and while I remembered that it was tedious, I had forgotten that it was *this* tedious 😬

I could use some and please!

If you look at the current GUTS+ character sheet (, would you think the Injuries chart with the little person and all the circles would be a deterrent for players looking for a simplified experience? Would lines like what's on Status Effects be better to track Injuries instead?

I'm already gonna remove "Hands" circles because that the distinction isn't actually important.

Some new people just looked at GUTS+ and gave some initial impressions, and they're getting me thinking about simplifying things a lot more. Specifically, inventory and injuries are very granular and could be streamlined a lot. The item management doesn't really matter and injuries could be rolled into status effects, which could be renamed to "conditions"! Lots of ideas, lots of streamlining...

I also discovered /another/ platform that looks more functionally similar to Role Gate (i.e. chat-like timeline), but I'm not sure how flexible character sheets are—gotta check. Also, it hasn't had any updates to the blog or anything that I can see since 2014, but the community does seem to still be active?

That one's Tavern Keeper:

Anyone have any experience with it? I'm mainly worried about it disappearing someday because the blog and twitter have been dark so long...

I'm getting slightly annoyed by Role Gate recently, so I discovered another platform that's more like Roll20 but that is VERY snappy called Beyond Tabletop: It's free for all now (previously paid), and there's a custom character sheet builder plus mapping and other cool stuff!

The dev is very active, too! They replied to a bug I reported with a hot fix an hour after I reported it!

Very promising, but not a perfect replacement for Role Gate...

I found this #Kirby #tarot card set with a full interpretation book by Michaela Joffe on Itch today and thought it was really cool, so naturally I had to put it into a digital format:
(Links to the original PDF on page)

(Be warned, Itch doesn't let browser games on mobile scroll, so you might have to manually refresh to draw a new card)

#games #gameing #fun

Ok, friends, I've been holding on to it for quite some time, but I've finally decided to publish the lists of words that I used in my old Game Idea Generator as an NPM package:

If you end up using it in a project, please let me know! I'd love to see it!

PS: That #NPM link has a link to the Game Idea Generator in the first paragraph. :)

#webdev #wordList #fun #generator #node #JavaScript

I've had this game idea since 2013 that I originally wanted to make a video game for, but it's not only way beyond my skill level, it’s also completely lacking any sort of plot!

It took me until this morning to realize that it would instead be the perfect role playing setting much more than a specific game! So I guess it's time to worldbuild!

It's a /pre/-cyberpunk kind of setting. Advanced consumer technology but no full-blown robotics and body mods or society collapse yet.

"Ho HO! Natty Twentz!"

-a phrase uttered tonight after a natural 20 roll that is sure to plague our party until the end of time.

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