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My GUTS+ Core Rule Book PDF just got approved for DriveThru RPG as well, so if you like keeping your collection all together with that system, you can buy it from there instead!

If you missed it, the previous post in the thread also includes links to where to buy it from and a post about what makes it special!

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I just finished SKATER+ and submitted it to the 2019 jam! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope someone else has fun with it, too! :D

The game page with the "about" text:

Rate it for the jam:

It's free, but it allows you to pay if you really like it or something!

I get to play D&D on Sunday, and I made a I think is gonna be really interesting! Meet Arböl Troskül, the dwarf druid-turned-warlock whose minor forest god patron (Chaotic Neutral) has big (secret) plans to become less minor disguised as an urge for him (Neutral Good) to learn everything he can about the world outside of his cult's community!

The character was drawn by an AI art bot, and then I colored it! Turned out really good I think!

My brain is telling me to try to do a game jam just to make me feel bad when I can't do it because I'm tired. But I'm not gonna fall for it.

Every video game should have a "little cousin" mode or something where you can start a new game without cutscenes and you can just play the gameplay without any preamble or guides. Like, I want to let my little nephew play my Zelda file without him breaking all my weapons and using all my items. So give me a little cousin mode where he can play in a sandbox version of the game without messing up my save file.

Welcome me to like 2014 or whatever, but I think mobile games are perceived as so bad because most of them are so damn lazy with their animations. So many games I see could probably be gems if a little more polish was put into making the animations look nicer.

I wish I had the wherewithal, the gumption, and the chutzpa to marathon stream a bunch of Itchio mega bundle games

Some other ideas I think are interesting for it:

- you're allowed to modify/expand your deck
- your starting deck is smaller than a full deck + leveling up adds higher value cards
- you can separate & pre-plan your first hand of combat if you surprise the enemy before shuffling
- combining cards at higher levels to do extra/more powerful attacks that you specify before combat

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So I have ideas for using playing cards for a GM-less combat, but I don't know how to write it down because it takes a bit of collaboration between players to decide on what makes sense.

It's roughly a numbers game where higher numbers beat lower ones and certain suits equate to different attacks or stats for defending. It could go together with another unfinished idea I started for using playing cards as enemy AI and be a Whole Thing.

But again, I don't know how to write it...

I don't know enough about any of the subjects to participate, and I refuse to binge watch any of them, but maybe someone here might have some fun with these IPs for a 2-week game jam starting Friday:

I *wish* I knew enough about Xena and Knight Rider to make something for it, but alas, I would expire my jam time before I could really understand the shows.

More unrelated pet-based mini games in video games please. They used to be everywhere.

Bring them back. We have the resources to make them even better than before! BRING THEM BACK, COWARDS!!

The eternal struggle between buying the digital version so it's portable and infinite or the physical version so you can enjoy the paper. Brought to you today by Print Weaver (

What are some things you love or hate or love to hate or have never seen and would love to see in a JRPG?

(Pls. boost.)

Does anyone have or know of a playlist of #music I can just play in the background so it feels like I'm either an NPC just going about their day in an RPG or a random villager in a Studio Ghibli film?


I propose a new hashtag: #storyBits

Elements that might be interesting for a story that are even less than half-baked—they're merely ingredients that could potentially lead to an interesting story. Not all will go together, but several can be combined to make something tasty.

For example:
"The universe is made up of only matter and Luck. Magic or electricity is just Luck contained and manifested in different ways. Even life itself is the result of Luck being wrought on inert stuff in space."

I just heard the Adventure Zone Amnesty arc music and it made my heart *yearn* 😭🥹

What I *really* want (I think?) is to just play D&D or some kind of RPG all the time with the option to play by myself and have those experiences carry over or something. AI Dungeon actually approaches the experience I'm looking for a lot of the time.

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The more I play Skyrim, the more I realize that I like the *idea* of playing Elder Scrolls games than I do actually playing them. It's a huge bummer of a realization for me. The world & lore is interesting and the region of Morrowind is awesome, but whenever I play, I just feel like I'm wasting time or something.

Additionally, I love collecting mods that will theoretically make the games more immersive or interesting, but actually playing with them is ultimately just frustrating.

How do you view "luck"?


Options roughly explained:

Attribute: a percent (or similar) value that applies to things you do or that happen to you that can (or cannot) be altered depending on things you do/carry/surround yourself with and may (or may not) affect the #luck of others around you

Limited Supply: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get #lucky in life, and you cannot get more unless someone gives you some of theirs (if possible)

Bank: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get lucky in life (including none), and things you do/carry/surround yourself with in life can alter that balance

None: luck isn't real and I like neither having fun nor thinking about things in any way that's not strictly "logical" or scientifically provable

Very large Itch io game bundle with proceeds being donated to Ukraine

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