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My GUTS+ Core Rule Book PDF just got approved for DriveThru RPG as well, so if you like keeping your collection all together with that system, you can buy it from there instead!

If you missed it, the previous post in the thread also includes links to where to buy it from and a post about what makes it special!

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I just finished SKATER+ and submitted it to the 2019 jam! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope someone else has fun with it, too! :D

The game page with the "about" text:

Rate it for the jam:

It's free, but it allows you to pay if you really like it or something!

Does anyone have or know of a playlist of #music I can just play in the background so it feels like I'm either an NPC just going about their day in an RPG or a random villager in a Studio Ghibli film?


I propose a new hashtag: #storyBits

Elements that might be interesting for a story that are even less than half-baked—they're merely ingredients that could potentially lead to an interesting story. Not all will go together, but several can be combined to make something tasty.

For example:
"The universe is made up of only matter and Luck. Magic or electricity is just Luck contained and manifested in different ways. Even life itself is the result of Luck being wrought on inert stuff in space."

I just heard the Adventure Zone Amnesty arc music and it made my heart *yearn* 😭🥹

What I *really* want (I think?) is to just play D&D or some kind of RPG all the time with the option to play by myself and have those experiences carry over or something. AI Dungeon actually approaches the experience I'm looking for a lot of the time.

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The more I play Skyrim, the more I realize that I like the *idea* of playing Elder Scrolls games than I do actually playing them. It's a huge bummer of a realization for me. The world & lore is interesting and the region of Morrowind is awesome, but whenever I play, I just feel like I'm wasting time or something.

Additionally, I love collecting mods that will theoretically make the games more immersive or interesting, but actually playing with them is ultimately just frustrating.

How do you view "luck"?


Options roughly explained:

Attribute: a percent (or similar) value that applies to things you do or that happen to you that can (or cannot) be altered depending on things you do/carry/surround yourself with and may (or may not) affect the #luck of others around you

Limited Supply: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get #lucky in life, and you cannot get more unless someone gives you some of theirs (if possible)

Bank: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get lucky in life (including none), and things you do/carry/surround yourself with in life can alter that balance

None: luck isn't real and I like neither having fun nor thinking about things in any way that's not strictly "logical" or scientifically provable

Very large Itch io game bundle with proceeds being donated to Ukraine

I got this wonderful Legend of Zelda-themed tarot deck recently, and I'm super happy with it! The art is beautiful, the character choices are nicely thought-out for each card, and the characters themselves are from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 💖

There's an extra card in the Major Arcana called the Happy Squirrel, and it's the only card really out of place depicting Midna from Twilight Princess, but overall it's absolutely lovely.

My favorite art is the Tower!


TTRPG systems are remarkably similar to programming languages. They’re all basically interchangeable. You can implement basically any setting in any system just like you can with sufficient effort use pretty much any programming language to write any program. The question is what language/system is your team/group most comfortable with and what language/system best accommodates the project/setting with a strong emphasis on the former.

Oh no. A friend recommended The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher, and I just *know* I'm going to end up converting my work on the Skies of Arcadia module into my own thing heavily inspired by both by the time I finish reading.

There are A LOT of spells in D& D, y'all. At least there are on D&D Beyond. I have no idea how many of these spells are from books my friend bought on there versus what's available for free, but I'm categorizing them all!

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A player who captures a piece has to drink a 15ml shot of high-proof alcohol.
That means a good player will get weakened with time.

Rock’n’Roll !


The pawns move forward to the next diamond shaped square in front. They only can move left-forward or right-forward (to the adjacent squares) by capturing a piece of the opponent.
The pawns can't move 2 fields at the beginning, therefore "en passant" doesn't exist either.
There is no castling.
All other pieces move like usual.
The pawns can be promoted into any other piece after they reach the other side of the board.

Diamond Chess, the Berlin variant is almost like "normal" Chess, but the board is turned by 45° (white squares at the players side). The pieces are placed in the opposing corners, like shown in the illustration.
Players can't just reel off their trained openings, engines are useless.
The positioning of the board gives space for drinks and ashtray left and right of the players corner - very handy sitting at smaller bar-tables.

Oops, my Skies of Arcadia D&D campaign has turned into me developing an adventure module for it! Splitting all the spells across the 6 moons is tricky.

Highfane illustration exploring the corridor of a forest of sparkling coral
#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots

bard, but their instrument is the organ grinder

the monkey does all the attacks

Woo!! Last night, I started my Skies of Arcadia D&D campaign with my friends, and the first session went super well for only anticipating a session 0 and not actual gameplay!

Since I'm basing so much on the video game, I've heavily modified how magic works, essentially relegating it entirely to special magic items with charges that refresh each day, and I'm happy with how it's turning out!

I can't wait for more air pirate shenanigans next week!

I'm working on developing another tabletop game! I feel like this game is crowd fund-able, but we'll see if it come together into something fun.

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