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For all the newbies that have rolled in, here's an :

I'm a hobby game developer, and I've been developing the GUTS+ RPG system over at

I'm running a campaign on that you can with (or join if there's openings) if you want:

I also play 5e, I love Adventure Zone and Critical Role, I mostly read fantasy and scifi, and I'm willing to help you with !

Also @Alamantus is my main!

I found this #Kirby #tarot card set with a full interpretation book by Michaela Joffe on Itch today and thought it was really cool, so naturally I had to put it into a digital format:
(Links to the original PDF on page)

(Be warned, Itch doesn't let browser games on mobile scroll, so you might have to manually refresh to draw a new card)

#games #gameing #fun

Ok, friends, I've been holding on to it for quite some time, but I've finally decided to publish the lists of words that I used in my old Game Idea Generator as an NPM package:

If you end up using it in a project, please let me know! I'd love to see it!

PS: That #NPM link has a link to the Game Idea Generator in the first paragraph. :)

#webdev #wordList #fun #generator #node #JavaScript

I've had this game idea since 2013 that I originally wanted to make a video game for, but it's not only way beyond my skill level, it’s also completely lacking any sort of plot!

It took me until this morning to realize that it would instead be the perfect role playing setting much more than a specific game! So I guess it's time to worldbuild!

It's a /pre/-cyberpunk kind of setting. Advanced consumer technology but no full-blown robotics and body mods or society collapse yet.

"Ho HO! Natty Twentz!"

-a phrase uttered tonight after a natural 20 roll that is sure to plague our party until the end of time.

I just had an idea I'm sure has been done before and maybe I'm stealing it, but here goes:

Dingoes & Dungarees: an Australian fantasy RPG

Hey all, I'm planning on launching the new version of #Lexiconga July 1, and instead of using Google ads, I'm hoping to use ads from real people with real projects they want to promote. Check out this post if you want to work with me to advertise your cool thing for a discounted rate on a cool tool for making constructed languages!

#conlanging #glossopoeia #advertising

Forbidden Lands sounds a lot like GUTS+; it's like if someone had made a D&D setting for it!

It's crazy how ideas can be so similar without any interaction.

For any dice.campers on alts that might be wondering, the sysops are aware it's down, and are trying to find time to investigate:

‼️🗯 REMINDER 🗯‼️

Save your files before your program crashes!

My first proof came! It's too bad I ordered this before I changed the combat system, but it's good to know that I need to bump all the text down about half an inch from the top. I also need to darken the "scuffed" texture on the cover—you can't even tell it's there!

Maybe it'll also be easier to proofread in the format, because it can get marked up! Who knows? Either way, it's pretty cool to see what it's like in physical form! 😊

I made some updates to the GUTS+ system about rolling doubles, gaining experience points, and (the biggest change of all) doing !

Combat is moving from "initiative-based" turn order to a free-for-all structure where players can take 1 turn at *any time* every 5-second interval. I also more clearly defined what a turn looks like. It's a big change, but it allows for more strategy and I feel like it fits better in general.

I decided to take the plunge and buy the domain for GUTS+! I'm pretty sure everything's all switched over and looking normal, plus it's a fantastically perfect domain name for the system!

Here's a somewhat long thread to explain a problem and ask for your .

Random about GUTS+ I'd like your perspective on:
There's this rule about rolling doubles, where when you roll a double, you get a bonus die and can allocate its values among the dice you rolled for a higher chance of success.
There's another rule where you earn a special kind of experience points (Learning Experiences) when you negatively fail a roll (i.e. roll enough 1's)


4. Use the bonus die from double 1's to *replace* the value of one of the dice
5. Make it so if you ever roll *more than half* your dice with a 1, you instantly get a negative impact regardless. (This rule would apply to "more than half" of any one value—you instantly get that success level)

I'm leaning toward #3 and #5, but what do you think? Or can you think of a better solution?


Should I:

1. Subtract an arbitrary number from the bonus die if you roll doubles of a failing value (i.e. subtract 1 if you roll double 2 or 2 if you roll double 1)
2. Make learning experiences earned from *any* level of failure outcome on a Check roll (i.e. enough 2's and 1's both)
3. Make double 1's not get the bonus die at all


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