I mean, the welfare state is mostly an imaginary bogeyman made up by right-wing pundits anyway. I'm not going to try to stop him.

Original: scryfall.com/card/inv/327/shiv

Art: robalexander.com/

Including the basic ingredients, such as white, and blue, and magic throw, and the first shot, is important. Don't forget!

Original: scryfall.com/card/m14/146/mind

Art: waynereynolds.com

Patronfriends! Incoming posts!

$1+: more Qoheleth podcast is being scheduled: patreon.com/posts/61483497

$5+: As always, free copies of Toledot patreon.com/posts/61483761 - and, since I forgot, A Wildness of the Heart patreon.com/posts/61483497

If you don't want the neck opal to become a soldier-like animal hanging on your neck, then I guess you need to stop our opponents from completing the magic.

Original: scryfall.com/card/usg/24/opal-

Art: rickberrystudio.com

Do not be so arrogant, My Dear Gachi, as to think yourself above direct action. Only then will you know what's beautiful.

Original: scryfall.com/card/c13/191/gahi

Art: brynnart.com/

Visit scenic Vurg in the morning, for our low shipping fees on exports and our delicious breakfasts. Our very EARLY delicious breakfasts... Hehehehe...

Original: scryfall.com/card/5dn/43/bring

Art: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Cri

The ability to control without controlling things sounds pretty bad, but you don't need to have a meeting with scarlet fever. Just push his tail.

You won't have to wait long to do it.

Original: scryfall.com/card/dtk/161/tail

Art: artstation.com/epalacios

On Monday, the rounded organism withstood the target of burning blood just fine. But by Tuesday, the sheer amount of blood in this tree overwhelmed it.

Original: scryfall.com/card/gpt/104/burn

Art: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kev_Walk

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in the bleak cold-war-era post-apocalypse movie that the text box seems to be trying to become.

Original: scryfall.com/card/avr/149/pill

Art: karlkopinski.com/

Got evil seeds growing in your mana patch, in this old world? Not to worry, just plant a few sprigs of pale mana.

Original: scryfall.com/card/sth/143/volr

Art: Kev Walker

While I appreciate you're trying to reassure me about the flying ghost, what I'm really afraid of is being infiltrated by animals.

Original: scryfall.com/card/sth/34/intru

Art: donatoarts.com

The reason I stopped investing, LINDA, is when I was tired nobody had a magical menace cheering enough to move my tail!

Also, GREAT weather, by the way! FANTASTIC job on THAT, LINDA.

Original: scryfall.com/card/wth/57/tolar
Art: Stuart Griffin

"This section works from time to time" is more than I can say for Google Translate, which just fully refuses to turn "ninjustsu" into anything else.

Original: scryfall.com/card/neo/234/sato

Art: artstation.com/annapavleeva

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