Ok, the 'Y' mana still isn't working, but I substituted some prosciutto and artisan old world sausages, see if the engine'll turn over now.

If not, I'll try these two bananas.

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/95/sea-h

Art: artstation.com/andreapiparo

Our final story of #PrideMonth is “Last Day” by Dirt Coyote.

Bradley has spent all summer camp with Pat, but is having trouble finding the courage to face him on their last day together.


Read by Kegirby.

When not causing all sorts of trouble at DirtCoyote on twitter, he's writing a novel, a novella, a series, and short furry fiction. His story featured on The Voice of Dog, “I’m Just Your Stud” was nominated for Coyotl’s Best Short Story of 2021.

If any of the top 8 cards in the basket are straight, the mustache has no use for them. They should be left at the end of the file.

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/246/owlb

Art: ernandasouza.com/

P.S. Don't let the tunnel attack L. Turel. They aren't one of the right people. They've weathered tunnel attacks before.
P.S.S. Maybe have it attack the people who feed animals instead?

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/172/eltu

Art: Zoltan Boros

'Toqueños' are, according to my research, a Venezuelan fried cheese stick, with something like puff pastry instead of breading.

They honestly sound really delicious... says Me!

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/46/tabax

Art: artstation.com/filipe-pagliuso

Today’s story is the second and final part of “Rekindling” by Al Song.


It’s not easy being gay and a second-generation Lao otter in small town America. On top of that, Charlie’s childhood friend just came out to him.

Al Song is a musician, writer, and polyglot. He was an editor for the novel, “C.C.S.” by Tagenar. Al has been published in a dozen anthologies including: Fang 8, Roar 9, and Tales from the Guild: World Tour.

Read by Buddy Goodboy, Esq.


It's just so depressing, when someone is enchanting the earth from between cards and captions, and it's clearly just a big chore to them, you know?

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Good to see that, even as an adult, the brain still knows how to make enchanting the earth from between cards and captions fun.

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/125/elde

Art: daarken.com/

The Monster that is the Spirit of the Guardian of the Dragon of Mary is a Part of the Plane.

At least it isn't unidentified.

Original: scryfall.com/card/clb/284/miir

Art: kekaiart.com

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