Made a new Teifling, his name is undetermined due to the fact that he himself doesn't remember it.

His skin is an inky void black, with his eyes being pale white, along with some freckles scattered along his body.

He's a barbarian, and goes into a wonderfully berserk mode when especially angry.

I didn't ink the second one there, cuz I realized after the top drawing I had no white/grey ink to outline the details... So there's that

And here's Vanna, Teifling bard born in a jewel merchant family. His skin is all golden and he really has a penchant for shiny things and looking like a snack.

Say hello to Thãeo, a Teifling who became a paladin after escaping the human colony that killed his entire Teifling clan (think white neo nazis) I love him too much 😭😭

I'll ink this page later

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