Welp, hello y'all, I play DnD 5e quite a lot and I'm starting to write a space campaign based off Destiny because i want my friends to fight fallen. Can't wait to see what happens on here!

@A_Grain_Of_Salt Welcome to the Table!~ If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me or another mod!~

@A_Grain_Of_Salt Welcome to the table. Out of curiosity, what kind of ruleset do you intend to use for your Destiny campaign?

Ah yes, this will be my first time being dm, so I don't even know what that is 😂😂😭

@A_Grain_Of_Salt What a ruleset is? DnD 5 is a ruleset, but there are hundreds of other ones around.

I personally favor when I want to use dice and N-Dimensional Travelers when I want to use Tarot-style cards.

If you're interested, I wrote a free Comic tutorial for

And another one for N-Dimensional Travelers

Other people prefer GURPS, Forged in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse, ...

I am so lost, but that's my state of being most of the time
Thanks for the comics I will do a look, I need to figure this out before I DM anyway 😂😭

@A_Grain_Of_Salt Whatever you do, have fun :)

Also, regardless of the ruleset and story, I suggest looking for "Session 0" and "X Card" on your favorite search engine.

Good practices when you start a story.

@A_Grain_Of_Salt Also, if you're in DnD, @Alamantus wrote GUTS+, which is somewhat similar, free and looks pretty cool :)

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