Hello! 🦇

I'm essentially a complete novice to Tabletop RPG's, in general, having played two systems. (Cypher and I-can't-believe-it's-not-3.5! Pathfinder 1E.) And only having played 3 sessions combined. In spite of those two rather poignant facts, I already know love this hobby dearly. (Even if only because it lets me get away with writing only lore.) I respect and tip my hat towards veterans and fellow newbies alike and hope to get along with this instance's members swimmingly!

@ATanukiRolling543D20s Hullo~! I'm new as well, and things have been great so far! :slime: I look forward to what new things you bring!

@ATanukiRolling543D20s welcome! We like gamers of all experience and skill levels here!

So what are you liking about the hobby so far? If you could play an ideal TTRPG (setting, style, system rules), what would you be looking for? We can probably crowd source something you might like.

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