Let me tell you about one of my fave creatures: The Carbuncle. This is an adorable tiny psychic armadillo who's MO is to drive your party into back stabbing chaos. It has a valuable gem embedded in its forehead and it uses its psychic powers to convince people they want to steal it. But if they actually try to take the gem, it dies and turns to dust. It can also do this as a free action at any time. Just. Die, as a power move. Oh, and it flies. Bc, of course it does.

How many until this is considered a horde?

:goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin: :goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin::goblin:

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hey, yes? i love robot characters SO MUCH.

Anybody here enjoy Mortasheen or know of it? The setting or the monsters.

The party is now facing their toughest challenge of the session:

A bored teenager chewing gum.

D&D culture is having enough character ideas to be able to make your own fighting game.

Hello! 🦇

I'm essentially a complete novice to Tabletop RPG's, in general, having played two systems. (Cypher and I-can't-believe-it's-not-3.5! Pathfinder 1E.) And only having played 3 sessions combined. In spite of those two rather poignant facts, I already know love this hobby dearly. (Even if only because it lets me get away with writing only lore.) I respect and tip my hat towards veterans and fellow newbies alike and hope to get along with this instance's members swimmingly!

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