self-promotion #TTRPG 

I got to do an Actual Play session!

I have been playing TTRPGs since the 90s (anyone remember Amber?!) but rarely get invited to do these, so I'm stoked.

Plus the system is so clean - 4D6 with enough mechanisms the structure gives me guide-rails but enough freedom that you feel like the collaborative narrative is the core.

Anyhoo... if you're bored, check it out. Paula Deming GM'd and Danny Quach, Ross Connell, and Mandi Hutchinson are awesome.

self-promotion #TTRPG 

@425suzanne Some of my favorite gaming memories are from Amber games run by a friend of mine with a singularly fiendishly delicious outlook on the setting and the mood. That game, I think more than most others, is so dependent on that. But man, I miss playing Sebastian...


re: self-promotion #TTRPG 

@vitruvianmeeple I just loved the concept of the magic system. i played with my friends and it was very very much "here's a world and now we make a character and just do what we want" kind of thing for us. Goofy... but very very fun.

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