Inspired by @SteveTassie ...

I like the new hotness in ... but I LOVE the games that stand the test of time.

Five favorite games that are older than 10 years

Balloon Cup
For Sale
Le Havre Inland Port

How about you?

@425suzanne @SteveTassie
I want to answer this but have no idea what was published when. Definitely Bohnanza.

@425suzanne @bethsobel I thought Concordia too, but it’s not quite 10 years old! Weird, I think of it as a venerable old game

@425suzanne @bethsobel Bohnanza is great. Forget the date requirement. List some games you played more than a dozen times.

@bethsobel @425suzanne @SteveTassie

I had to look at my BGG collection list, which fortunately mentions the date with the name.

And I've still never played Bohnanza!

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

It is great having games around that you know will last. Here are a few of mine that have seen a year or two.

Android: Netrunner

@sirideain @425suzanne I have Netrunner (bought the base game used a few months ago), but the lingo is a barrier to entry for me and my usual playing partners. We are so used to “hand”, “discard pile” etc, that names like “root” “R&D”, “trash” etc are confusing.

@SteveTassie I'm a giant netrunner fan, but me & my partner also struggled a lot with this when we started. One thing we found useful was to keep the rules reference page with all these terms open and visible to both of us - may work for you too!

@SteveTassie @425suzanne @sirideain I used to play a lot of innovation on the web client. Very deep game. I never touched the expansions, base always felt like plenty

@PhilGross @SteveTassie @425suzanne Base game only so far for me as well. Someday I might try the expansions, but there is so much in the base game.

@425suzanne @SteveTassie
Good question! I'd have to go with...

Power Grid
Through the Ages
El Grande

... 10 years doesn't seem like that long ago!

@ofdiceandmen @SteveTassie Right? 10 years kind of sounds like a long time ago... and kind of not.

great list! Keyflower is a personal fave (with the right group)

Five favorite boardgames older than 10 years, per @425suzanne:

Die Macher
Railways of the World
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage

@rafial Die Macher! There's a title I haven't thought of in a while. I was devoted enough back in the day to make little laminated flip booklets to walk people through all the phases of a turn. Such a lovely way to spend a day with the right crowd.

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

Power Grid
Hansa Teutonica
6 Nimmit!
and Jeu de Tarot (feels like cheating, but my group just started playing this and it is fantastic)

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

1. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
2. Village
3. Catan (Specifically the Fisherman of Catan variant)
4. Aquire
5. Touring

@HenriWhitehead @425suzanne @SteveTassie

Village is one I'd really like to play more, and we own My Village and have never played it!

@HenriWhitehead Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper! One of my all time favorite games. We actually have two decks, one of the original with the super thick cards and one of the newer printings with normal cards. Even though it's challenging to shuffle, I love the old original.

@425suzanne My five favorite #BoardGames that are more than 10 years old:
Dungeon Twister
Neuroshima Hex
El Grande
Great Dalmuti

@gamethyme wonderful list.

The amount of Great Dalmuti I played when I was younger is obscene. A lot of very late nights with the shittiest of pizza playing it. Ahhhh memories.

@425suzanne I think I wore out about two dozen copies of Dalmuti, I played it so much. And got other folks hooked on it.


Oh, you remind me that the last couple times I've been in my storage, my Dungeon Twister boxes keep making meaningful eye contact with me. I think they might need to come out soon.


@rafial @425suzanne I've been playing a bit of Dungeon Twister (not enough - there is no such thing as enough) on Board Game Arena.

@gamethyme oh, that may be the bit of information I needed to get me to finally try out BGA


@rafial @425suzanne If you get it set up, feel free to challenge me. I'll play just about anything as long as it's turn-based (minimum 1 turn/day).

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

Most of these games we have given as gifts and purchases multiple times.

6 Nimmt
Dungeon Fighter

@BoardgameSPAM Samurai! There's one we should get to the table again soon. The little helmets, rice paddies, and Buddhas are such satisfying pieces.

@425suzanne @SteveTassie most of my favorite games are older than ten years.

- Twilight Struggle
- Imperial
- Through the Ages
- Risk Legacy
- Titan

@mattthr @425suzanne I once played 2 games of Titan in about 2 hours. Both games the first battle was Titan army vs Titan army, so the loser lost the game!

@425suzanne @SteveTassie
I like older games as well. I still really like Glory to Rome and Finca

@prrt949 Finca! All those different wooden fruits are absolutely lovely and the windmill mechanism felt so novel at the time.

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

These are among my favorites; I have more than five but wanted to amplify these:

🎲 Cribbage
🎲 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
🎲 Midnight Party (aka Hugo or Ghost Party)
🎲 Wyatt Earp
🎲 Coloretto

@mxtiffanyleigh oo. In college, my roommate and I started "The Center for Cribbage Liberation".

And Coloretto is so simple but every turn turns into such an agonizing choice.

@mxtiffanyleigh @SteveTassie

Someone else mentioned Cribbage and it makes my heart so happy. Some day when I'm ready to really treat myself, I'm going to invest in a really snazzy board. Love that game so much.

@SteveTassie @425suzanne @mxtiffanyleigh a nice board really elevates cribbage, especially when paired with the River and Stone cards. Got this board a few years ago for Christmas.

@SteveTassie @425suzanne too many to pick from. Recently:

Lost Cities
Chicago Express
Ticket to Ride

@425suzanne @SteveTassie
I was going to say Concordia but it’s from 2013! So instead:

Cosmic Encounter
Can’t Stop
Castles of Burgundy
Betrayal at House on the Hill

@ovenall @SteveTassie Yay Betrayal. I have my quibbles with the game - but man... I always have an adventure when I play it.

@SteveTassie @425suzanne I feel the same! It’s not a perfect game but I’ve have many perfect evenings playing it.

@SteveTassie @425suzanne

settlers and/or Cities and knights
Power grid
Ticket to ride

Castles of Burgundy
Can't Stop
7 Wonders
Galaxy Trucker

@elizhargrave I LOVE seeing game designers share some of their favorite older titles. Wonderful list.

@elizhargrave @425suzanne

Galaxy Trucker is such a great choice for this list. It's so unique and hilarious. You have to not mind seeing what you built get destroyed, though... Or maybe I'm just really bad at building space ships!

@keithjones @425suzanne Usually I don't like games where what you build can be destroyed, but it's so over the top in Galaxy Trucker that it makes me laugh. It's hard to take the final score too seriously.

@425suzanne @SteveTassie

🎲 The Resistance: Avalon is still probably my favorite ​social deception game
🎲 Agricola is one of my favorite worker placement games, and drafting minor improvements and occupations adds a really intense game before the game.
🎲 Hansa Teutonica is so nuanced and interactive and dynamic.
🎲 Boggle we used to stay up way too late playing "just one more time"
🎲 Risk: Legacy is how I learned to think of board games as ritual objects.

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