I saw someone say you can follow a hashtag - but I can't figure out how. And I assume following a hashtag shows you all tagged posts (as long as the source instance isn't blocked)?

@425suzanne I don't know if it is doable on the version of Mastodon that we are on. I was attempting to figure it out earlier and gave up. Apparently 4.0 might be what we need...

@BeardedRogue Ohhhhhhhhh. That makes sense.

Scrolling Board Games, I just realized I'll have to start blocking accounts all over again too.

Everyone likes board games, even misogynistic racist pieces of shit. And they're migrating to Mastodon and using hashtags too. Sigh.

@425suzanne @BeardedRogue Honestly having to redo a bunch of blocks was part of why I stopped using Mastodon the previous time there was a migration. Especially getting followed pretty quickly after setting up my account by people who I had blocked on Twitter.

@425suzanne @BeardedRogue we do try hard to make sure those are not available in people's feed here.

(and its not just the racists we are blocking)

We will absolutelly act on any report, and investigate it.
So when you come accross anything and anyone making you feel uncomfortable, be sure to hit that report button.

@host @BeardedRogue Oh for sure. I hope it didn't come across a criticism of the moderation. That's not the problem in this situation at all.

@425suzanne @BeardedRogue sorry, I didn't mean to be sounding like I was telling you off or anything.

it was meant to be a encouragement to help keep the place in a good shape by sharing with us any thing you might find as this place is by no means perfect.

Apologies if I made it sounds accusatory

@host @BeardedRogue LOL not at all. We're both so apologetic when I suspect neither of us were upset at all. I have full confidence in this instances dedication to creating a safe space.

It's just that I don't think mods have that influence over other instances and their users' use of hashtags and how those appear in searches. And that's ok. I can block individual users as I need to.

I haven't seen any related problems on this instance.

@425suzanne @BeardedRogue 😁
glad you called it out otherwise we would have been locked in an infinite apologies loop here.

I appreciate your trust, and we will do our best to be worthy of it.

@host @BeardedRogue @425suzanne As an overapologetic person myself, I know that infinite loop all too well!

@BeardedRogue @425suzanne I’ve already blocked someone who I had also blocked on the bird app.

@BeardedRogue @425suzanne

One way I _could_ do it was by using the "Advanced Web Interface" under Preferences -> Appearance

@lucasmeyer @BeardedRogue ZOMG I just did that and BAM flood of collumns. What have I done?! LOL. I'm joking, this is cool... I'll play around with this a bit. Thanks for the tip!

@425suzanne @BeardedRogue

forgot to add...

To persist the column, you can use the "pin" button (accessible through the top-right "controls" icon)

@425suzanne depends on both the version your server is and what app you use. I use Toot! on my iPad and I can search a hash tag and pin it. Then it shows up like its own timeline.

@ulysses Ahhh cool. I just use my browser and have this open in a tab I can jump to when I feel like it.

@425suzanne For me, I either click on a hash tag or search for one, and then I click the "Show settings" button on that column and click the Pin button. Will likely differ greatly depending on how you're using Mastodon (website, app, etc.)

@mjgiarlo yeah! thanks! i think the key was I wasn't on the advanced web view.

@425suzanne Aha! I think I switched that on four years ago and forgot it even existed. Well, cheers. 😁

@425suzanne If you're using the web page, you can search, click on that hashtag search, then pin the column it opens.
If you're using the Tusky app, you can add a tab under account preferences that monitors one or more hashtags you want to follow and it will always be an available tab. I guess other apps have something similar?

@ITOmarHernandez thanks! the key was I needed to be on the advanced view on web.

@425suzanne sorry for leaving that out. I've had that view for so long, I overllooked that it had to be set.

@ITOmarHernandez LOL not at all. I appreciate everyone's help. I got it all set now. yay!

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