Looks like posts are tradition and I'm a stickler for tradition!

My name is Suzanne. Most folks know me through my activities in including being a former co-host of podcast, current co-host of the podcast, and lots of social media chatter about games I love and working to make board gaming diverse, inclusive, and safe.

I'm a transracial , a mom, and know lots about crafting too.

Also I love pie.

@425suzanne Glad to see you here, Suzanne! As someone who first tried Mastodon a few years ago and just couldn't commit to it because people I enjoyed following elsewhere just weren't around, it really makes me happy that folks like you are giving it a shot!

@425suzanne I too like board games and pie. If you could only have one of each forever, what would they be?

Star Trek Ascendency and cherry pie for me 😄

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