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Looks like posts are tradition and I'm a stickler for tradition!

My name is Suzanne. Most folks know me through my activities in including being a former co-host of podcast, current co-host of the podcast, and lots of social media chatter about games I love and working to make board gaming diverse, inclusive, and safe.

I'm a transracial , a mom, and know lots about crafting too.

Also I love pie.

I get to present games to a new audience... and in selecting games not only am I looking for ones that fit the thematic criteria - but I am also looking at who the designers/publishers are to ensure I'm promoting great from great folks.

Prioritizing can be as small of an action as being mindful when you have the opportunity to spread the hobby. Lots of folks make good games - why not uplift the ones who contribute to making gaming better?

Question re multi-instance management 

Any tips or tools to help manage multiple accounts on different instances?

Landscape photo mostly sky 

Photos can’t convey what a gorgeous morning it is. I love living in the Pacific Northwest so much.

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Underwater emoji art 

   🐡🐠    🐠  
 🐟    🐟    🐡 
🌿 🌱 🌱🌱 🌾  

Board game boxes 

Four games and a super fun card game… it’s a good mail day.

Now what to play first…? 🤔

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racism? on *my* fediverse?? 

I'm a white person who's been on the fedi for 4 years. I witnessed the rise and fall of (aka "PV"), an instance that was thoughtfully moderated by an all-BIPoC team. it was a nexus of brilliant, creative, funny people who made the fediverse a better place. and then it shut down, and so many Black and Brown people gave up on this place as a result. it was a huge, huge loss.

why did that happen, you ask? I'm gonna let Ro (former admin of PV) tell that story, because it's come up again recently:
I was a w.e mod when this went down. it's all true; he's not exaggerating.

self-promotion #TTRPG 

I got to do an Actual Play session!

I have been playing TTRPGs since the 90s (anyone remember Amber?!) but rarely get invited to do these, so I'm stoked.

Plus the system is so clean - 4D6 with enough mechanisms the structure gives me guide-rails but enough freedom that you feel like the collaborative narrative is the core.

Anyhoo... if you're bored, check it out. Paula Deming GM'd and Danny Quach, Ross Connell, and Mandi Hutchinson are awesome.

Inspired by @SteveTassie ...

I like the new hotness in ... but I LOVE the games that stand the test of time.

Five favorite games that are older than 10 years

Balloon Cup
For Sale
Le Havre Inland Port

How about you?

Display question 

I find the "advanced web" view overwhelming and fiddly with the righthand column.

Is there a way to save a hashtag search in the regular view so that you can easily toggle to it?

The one thing I liked about the advanced view is I had saved and a column just ran that.

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 🐓 🐖   🐃  

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Ok, here’s my !
I’m Chris Michaud, a diehard fan of Weird Al, Monopoly, and pinball. My bona fides:
-I host “Mall Night Long”, a private party on zoom where I take people through a game show that takes place in a mega mall. A mouthful, I know!
-I designed “Roll Estate”, a best-selling print and play game which is a love letter to certain mass market classics, smooshed together into an accessible roll and write.
-And I hosted # “Flip the Table”, a podcast about cheesy board games!

finding an instance - be kinder? 

I dislike the "it's not hard" and other posts that kind of handwave or mock folks who are struggling to onboard with mastodon.

Change is hard. And folks who are expressing struggle to get on Mastodon are trying to become part of the community.

Folks have different amounts of time, spoons, tech savvy, hardware, etc. all of which influence their ability to jump in on a new platform.

Maybe less "hurr hurr it's not hard if you try" and more "how can I help?"

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  🐠     🐡 🐡
 🐠 🐠   🐠    
 🌿  🌾 ⚓️🌾🌱🌱

following accts 

i've hit an interesting thing where I think I follow someone via the mobile app... but when I land on my browser, the follow didn't stick.

i'm also trying to follow folks that I recognize from other platforms... thanks to folks who make it easy with avatar pics and/or handle overlap. I know that's not always possible but makes it easier.

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iPad and roll and write board game post. Mother’s Day. 

I got an Apple Pen for Mothers Day and it changed the way I do solo .

(I tried a few things but found OneNote to be great for this. I can write/draw and change ink color/thickness, resize sheets, embed multiple sheets or rules on a page, etc.)

Do you play roll and write games? (There are so many awesome ones.) Do you have a special way you manage and play them?

finding folks to follow 

I want to get my Home feed more active so am seeking out accounts to follow. I'm finding the hashtag thing not productive since I'm leery about following total strangers.

But I have found that looking at who some of my trusted pals are following very helpful. Folks have found Tw*tter peeps I know that I hadn't found etc.

But mostly I still find rebuilding in this new environment a bit overwhelming.

I saw someone say you can follow a hashtag - but I can't figure out how. And I assume following a hashtag shows you all tagged posts (as long as the source instance isn't blocked)?

Mastodon image display 

One thing I realized was inhibiting me here is having to click on every post for CW and then click again on the sensitive media since most posts are guarded that way. So I turned off CW and turned on "show all media" (with some keywords in place.)

BUT images are still displaying with "sensitive media" warning that I have to click on. Things like board game photos posters guarded to be considerate.

Maybe keywords work differently? I'd like to see virtually all the pics.

masto question re follow requests 

I keep getting "follow" requests but I don't have any setting that limits follows (afaik.) Any reason for this? Or just rapid growth weirdness?

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